: lots of free-data projects like OpenStreetMap spend way too much time worrying about low-level APIs (map editing only! to the death!) and not nearly enough about the features that bring in users (e.g., saving 'favorite' locations). End result: the community is all downstream developments using the data without supporting the core project.


Well, users = higher infrastructure costs. They do need users who are also contributors though.

@n8 I don't know if it's totally right to say #OpenStreetMap cares about the API.. I think the current API hasn't changed in almost 10 years now... hardly active...

@n8 You're basically right about "saving locations", that's something OSM isn't great at, even the third party tools. There is resistance to becoming a massive org that gobbles everything...

@n8 Would you say that and OSMAnd are good examples, or am I misunderstanding? incorporates location ratings (similar to Yelp I think), and both of them allow users to save locations

@n8 It's like you would say that lwIP is broken because it doesn't allow send messages between users. OSM is, from my point of view, library.

@n8 saving favorite locations? Wouldn't that something any browser already does well enough?

The terrible secret is that everyone thinks #OpenStreetMap is primarily a map.

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