Why Google Fonts doesn't distribute any "dyslexia fonts" — and, by extension, why your FOSS project shouldn't either: github.com/google/fonts/issues

@n8 Wow, this was a very enlightening read. I had no idea. Thanks.

> The important thing to know is that the research that led to the publicity of dyslexia fonts was preliminary. It didn’t meet the standards of rigorous research. For that, the research would have used controlled, randomized studies that were published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. The studies also would have been replicated by other researchers.

> Since then, however, there have been three solid, peer-reviewed research studies on these fonts. They were done in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Together they conclude that the Dyslexie or Open Dyslexic font have no measurable benefits or deliver any reading gains.


@clacke Yeah, it's kind of become a pet peeve of mine the past few years, since the research is pretty clear. Most of the well-kown dyslexia fonts were not even made by type designers (and I don't mean to go elitist there, I just mean it's a hobbyist thing and not a professional thing) much less tested. The desire to help is understandable, but there are no easy solutions.

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