Is no one capable of discussing the tension between user–feature-requests and maintainer–time-priorities with any degree of nuance or granularity?

I see nothing except 'YoU jERks hAte YoUr UseRs' and 'oH yOu exPecT mE tO DroP eVerYthiNG and CaTEr to your WHiMs gR' (both actual quotes). I'd rather mute the whole discussion than hear that pointless posturing on repeat. Obviously developers and users are collaborators in the FOSS models, how bout we look at the details rather than generalize?

@n8 too bad we haven't received the mute thread function on Mastodon yet. 😂🤣

@n8 Yes, there's truth on both sides. Users do need to be listened to, but they also need alternate routes to hire a developer (if they aren't themselves) to contribute to, and if necessary fork, the projects they use.

It's a problem for everyone when people feel they have no choice but to shout down the maintainer. The promise of software freedom is to give them other choices.

@n8 For my project I started out prioritizing user reported issues after publishing it to the elementary AppCenter, but then I got complaints that I wasn't implementing the bigger features.

I was more interested in solving those anyways and putting my own spin on them, though I do still address the most trivial of issues I get reported.

Now I'm wishing for some help addressing the small to moderate issues.

@n8 Finally I want comment that I find it silly when they threaten to leave to a different project.

We're only serving them because we feel it's the right thing to do, but if a different project can serve their needs better than please switch. They'll get what they need/want and it's no skin off our backs.

@n8 Nope. Nuance is the second worst sin of the twenty-first century (second to, of course, putting oneself in someone else's shoes for a moment).

@n8 Unfortunately, as soon as someone says both sides have a point, there's not much more to discuss.

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