Attn FOSS folk:

Henceforth, holding a poll or other form of contest to select the project logo shall be known as "bistrodesign".

@n8 Bistros sound good, however.

What about: "Design by randos"?

@garrett That having been said, what do you think about the phrase "mob-centric design"?

Roulette-based design
Lotto-based design
Design by chance
Design by raffle
Throw designs on the wall and see what sticks
Design by chaos-theory

@garrett @n8 what about "Design by the masses" and "Design of mass deduction"? Lets put all of those up on a poll and find out which is the very very very best! 😆

@mray @n8 I think you might've transposed a space and an m when typing "designed by the masses" 😉

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