@paperdigits @n8 @patdavid I'd like to join you next year for a video editing talk. Do ping me when you know the dates so I can organize a travel sponsorship and visa stuff.

Have a good one!

@frd One thing you can do there is follow the conference social media itself; @socallinuxexpo on Twitter (not sure where else atm). We put the track together within their CFP and schedule; dates & announcements are their prerogative.

Thing #2 to do would be join the CREATE mailing list if you're not on it yet. lists.freedesktop.org/mailman/

Lots of other confs out there to be aware of, including the biggie @lgm in Rennes FR this coming May....
CC @paperdigits @patdavid


@frd (FYI, I can see that you follow LGM; I just wanted to put a complete reply together that might be useful to boost for others to see, too! 🌍🌎🌏🙂)

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