If anybody in the FOSS graphics world has written a good "how-to" showing people what their non-commercial photo/video backup-and-hosting options are for all the Android users suddenly hit with Google Photos' change-of-storage-terms yesterday — point me to it.

I (and plenty of others) would want to give it a boost.

Clarification: I appreciate the kind intention behind all of the brief anecdotes addressed to me in the replies.

That being said, I asked for how-tos (which are longer & more detailed than an anecdote, and don't gloss right over massive tasks like adminning a Pi or VPS and configuring dynDNS), and I asked *not* for my own education, but so that I could help boost info to the broader public.

I'd still like to find something along those lines, though it's looking like there isn't anything...

@n8 I can't speak to the morality of a safe. It's safe to assume each safe, hard drive combination has it's own particular politics. Although probably dualist. ;-)

@n8 (I've deleted my earlier response in this thread as it was not actually helpful. My apologies!)

@n8 @alcinnz This is not directly an answer, but it might be an answer in effect.

Gardener Bryant has a great video tutorial on how to install Nextcloud on Linode. I followed it about a year ago and was able to cancel my then Dropbox backup & storage.

I haven’t specifically used their clients and integration on Android, but I have done on LineageOS, iOS, Linux and Windows and it worked great on all those, so I have to assume it would also be great on Android.

@n8 I've not written a guide, but what I've done is get a cheap VPS from Hetzner, copy/ pasted 3 lines of code to install @cloudron and then used that to install @nextcloud then installed the #Nextcloud app on my phone and configured auto upload stuff. Works like a charm.


I personally use synchthing to swap pictures between the phone and the laptop

It's powerful but I'm not completely happy with it

I saw a video on youtube about someone showing how they substituted Google Photo with a NAS

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