It's freaky how many times, week-to-week, my research turns up links to web-discussion forums less than 15 years old that are either
(a) straight-up dead
(b) die through self-inflicted broken-redirect from some ancient site migration botch
(c) halfway exist but include dead inter-thread links or missing images
(d) include off-site links that don't work because of some forum-software nonsense

And it feels like nobody cares about this. Which makes it worse.

(I should probably clarify that this stuff is not a "researcher issue" in the limiting sense. Yeah, you run into it a lot when you're deep-diving into a topic, but it affects everybody. I definitely also encounter it when googelin' around on hobbyist subjects, too (and did so as a tech journalist) ... but when you hit it a bunch of times in a short period, as you easily can in academic projects, it jumps out at you. But everyone loses. The Internet Does Forget.)

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