More begging: does anyone know a way to get the list of default-installed packages for Fedora and openSUSE (desktop versions)?

Ubuntu publishes that on the web intentionally; I haven't found a way to determine it for most other large distros....

@n8 For Fedora, I'm not aware of anything other than "dnf list --installed" after a fresh install, but I doubt you're looking to install every flavor of distro to find out this information. :/

@cstanhope Indeed, I am not.... Although maybe there are enough people out there with ISO images that someone will fire one up in a VM/container just to see?

@cstanhope I should also mention that, at the moment, all I am looking for is the font lists from these distributions. Oddly enough it's hard to tell: much easier to get the default fontconfig rules, which is not identical data....

@n8 I was just trying to look it up in their docs, because it *should* be apparent, but I can't navigate the menu in the #Fedora docs without loading scripts from Google, so I am aborting.

Good luck, though! That ought to be a standard feature for every distro. Maybe there is a command that can be run locally after install, at the very least.

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