I seriously doubt the PR I made to FontAwesome will be merged. Official maintainers have not committed anything related to the font itself in more than a year.They moved on to a very successful Kickstarter campaign for their latest version (5.0), and switched to a free/paid pro model, while the Github repo is still in version 4.7. Fontawesome is in version 5.0.6 as I speak and there is no repo in sight for that version.


@xuv Okay; I confess I'e never looked into this project before (although I knew it existed). Where are things like build instructions?

@n8 for 4.7, see bottom of the README.md. For 5.0, there is none. And btw, it's mostly build instructions to build the website and documentation. Not the font itself. That's, to my understanding a very manual process.

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