Speaking of freedom-friendly hardware, I have an extra ColorHug monitor-colorimeter (original version) I'm interested in selling, if anybody is interested in picking one up. Hand crafted by Mr. Richard Hughes himself. I can testify that it works.

Feel free to spread the word to your frenemies online & off.

Finally. For the first time ever in recorded history, I am ahead of @federicomena with regard to a woodworking project!

One from the department. Either Whalebird or GNOME (or both) cannot correctly handle mixing RTL and LTR text in notifications ... on my post about someone looking for an RTL-experienced text developer....

I can't tell you how much it bothers me that the emoji and the Latin letters here are not vertically aligned.

Free software, ladies & gentlemen.
And no, they did not complete the docs in 2015 before giving up.

For all my metric friends who bemoan that they "can't picture what 103° feels like in Fahrenheit", here's a simple trick for you:

Imagine walking around in 103 Celsius. It feels exactly the same.

So I asked the @ guadec account on Twitter why the web site didn't mention the conference venue anywhere ... and the reply kind of implies that there isn't a venue (yet)....


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