@patdavid @paperdigits Yeah, it's like it never updates. You can scroll through the entire message backlog, and it'll stick you right back in the same place.

@paperdigits It never remembers what messages are seen & what messages are unseen. That kills it for me right there, even setting aside the confusing UI layout (circles in every direction!). I bit the bullet and set up an always-on IRC bouncer; much happier now....

That's it' I'm ditching Matrix.org and Riot.im. Garbage client, incoherent connectivity architecture, unusably bug-ridden actual-connection-to-real-communication-networks-like-IRC, no real-world advantages over better-implemented protocols. Lousy color schemes, too.

Hey if you're writing documentation about an IRC bouncer that connects to multiple networks, and also has its own internal user accounts, and also requires configuring a systemwide Unix user account on the host machine ... you know what's NOT a term to drop in your so-called "examples"?


@jahnertz I'm raising awareness. If I had come up with one already, I would have submitted it already.

Ideally something that's a Truffaut reference, but mainly not using a (severed) body part. I actually like the color scheme.

Possible Conference-talk Titles:
"Are You Not Infotained?!"

* only if I am talking at an automotive software event

Who told the UPS makers it was a smart idea to pack all the outlets as closely together as they could? Have these people never used anything electrical?

@KnowPresent Well, I do my stretches. And I don't know about complexity points but I added a lot of exclamation points.

I never had remotely any interest in MMORPGs, then yesterday morning I realized that I could join Star Wars Online, make a Captain Kirk character, and cause a lot of uptight fanbois to blow their lids. Now I can't think of anything else.

You know you're in for a rough user experience when the package you're about to set up comes bundled with "AOL" and "Excite" themes.

current mood: waiting on dozens of CI checks to complete, even though my commit was to a single documentation file that has no impact on the build.

current mood: waiting for Emacs GUI to unfreeze itself from its periodic unexplained hang.

I've decided to go into the "artist's impression of astronomy news" business, since it seems virtually recession-proof. Plus, they pay you now, even if they don't get actual photos by which to judge the accuracy of your work for decades if not centuries to come.

Applying for a visa to a country that I applied for a visa to 2 years ago. It's disconcerting how radically the info and forms involved have changed.

Possible conference-talk titles:
"Six Simple Tricks to Discourage Your Users From Opening Issues"

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