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@patdavid Lowry? Lowry? Has anybody seen Sam Lowry?

@patdavid is ... is that a Jonathan Pryce cosplayer?

@ted It sounds good, although I still haven't finished my script about the producer who goes back in time to make a cheap B-movie in the 80s just so he can return to the present and reboot it as a massive studio franchise property. I gotta finish that first.

FTR, there're a lot of other things I'm tired of, too; that's just the starting point.

I realized something about popular fiction yesterday, especially in all the pop movie/tv genres that the Internet fanaticizes. I'm tired of "badasses". No matter what the situation. It's a lazy, juvenile, boring character cutout that substitutes cheaply for real writing. The more times someone is descrbied as "badass" or "kicking ass" or pretty much any other adjective that involves the letters a-s-s, the dumber it is and the less I could care. Write somebody complex; write something better.

Quick question about "Altered Carbon"'s core premise.

They keep saying "no one ever has to die again" and they keep implanting the little glow-wafer brainchips into ... adult human bodies. Are those bodies not people who've died? Where do all these spare bodies come from? They made it clear that they're not clones, since only Marc Antony (or whatever his name is) can afford a clone. And they made it clear that even poor people have the brainchips.

So where do all the unused bodies come from?

@xuv Yay; sorry I haven't had time to contribute to this, really — just landed at a busy point on my schedule....

@federicomena Converting some I-didn't-format-this text into Markdown. Actually, and merging a couple of data sources into it.

So things like case-conversion and auto-numbering in tables. Horrible in Emacs; trivial in spreadsheets!

PS - I'm still not touching Vim with a ten-foot pole.

You know what's non-zero?

The number of times I think "how do I do this in Emacs", waste 30 minutes reading a dozen not-quite-the-same-problem-as-mine tutorials that all rely on different Elisp add-ons using slightly different regexp sytactic sugar and varying amounts of custom fuctions, then give up and do exactly what I wanted to by copying plaintext into a spreadsheet and back out again.

Draw your own conclusion.

@ted I followed; just couldn't resist a mathematical "value" wisecrack.

@ted ...wait, do you mean non-negative value?

Nevertheless, a heartfelt congratulations to all of the "winners". You earned it!

I am seeing multiple planet announcements today about all the different Linux distributions that have won various online publishers' "best Linux distribution" awards.

Starting to think that these anonymous, self-selected popularity polls might not be scientific.

Roses are red,
Tecophilaea cyanocrocus are blue,
But they're nearly extinct in the wild due to habitat loss and overharvesting,
So be prepared to pay a lot for them and buy only nursery-propagated corms.

@skellat Maybe; I could be behind the times. Still suspect that, because of the Calibre project's lack of interest in not-stomping-on-other-packages'-needs, a sandboxed package would be an improvement over a deb.

@popey Exactly.... What can you do when the project leadership is opposed to proper packaging? And doesn't care about security / normal coding practices / etc etc... Ugh.

@ted True; the dependency hell and the confinement are (mostly) orthogonal issues....

My new pet peeve is how so many Snaps and Flatpaks these days are just wrappers around Electron / generic web-apps.

The things that really need repackaging are all the horrible-to-install, incoherent-in-upstream FOSS packages that no one can use because it means putting a single-app bullet in your system.
Like, off the top of my head:
- Calibre
- Cinelerra and all its ilk
- Navit
- Anything where the first installation step is writing a custom udev rule
- Let's face it, Blender

@ted Well, I will be there next month for SCALE ... who knows!