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There are many Natives mobilizing to put up billboards as resistance to erasure in Michigan, Arizona. Support local and grassroots resistance! #changethename

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"New beetle species have been described at an average rate of about four a day since 1758..."


i have a reading list, a to-do list, a chore list, a planner, an ical, reminders and self-care yet still manage to procrastinate

i want to plan a hawks-eye view shot but i would need a drone and a (less expensive) camera and idk that might be too much

i think i'm going to make a tutorial on how to use this service once i make an instance :D hopefully i can get it all done tomorrow *fingers crossed*!

starting a new social platform like this makes me feel like I'm just entering a random room and yelling all my sentences

tristan_jpg's real name is Agnauraq. she is Iñupiat and makes really great

I can't stop thinking about how tristan_jpg was suspended for 12 hours for calling a racist a c**t and forced to delete the tweets before the suspension would start and the troll's tweets are still up ??????

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As there seem to be a fair few people on here interested in speculative fiction/SF and inclusion and diversity, just wanted to send a shout-out to my current favourite podcast - Métis In Space "The podcast where your hosts, Molly and Chelsea, drink a bottle of (red) wine and, from a tipsy, decolonial perspective, review a sci-fi movie or television episode featuring indigenous peoples, tropes and themes." #indigenous #scifi #fantasy #decolonialising You might like it too!

My vision for my short is to feature elements of my indigenous identity, most importantly the Comanche language,. NUMU TEKWAPU.

I am also an artist with a interest in writing, photography and filmmaking. My goal for the next few years is to produce my own short film with a budget as close to $0 as I can possibly get.

Yá'át'ééh ABINÍ

I am an adzání/womxn of the Navajo Nation, descendent of Comanche. I have a lot to say about my indigenous identity and the state of indigenous-settler relations on this continent.

well the UI here is a little intimidating but I'm still hopeful where you at on this platform?

twitter sucks & I hope there are less racists here but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ doubt it


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