I forgot I had pre-ordered "The Art of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge" book last year and just got a notification that it had shipped! It's such a nice surprise past me did to future me!

In TDR snacks often feel very japanese (Curries, steamed buns,...). In HKDL snacks can be very chinese (dumplings, bao,...) @DisneyParis_EN@twitter.com needs to have high quality French (and European) flavored snacks with a twist (NOT a cheap nutella crepes you can eat at any Luna Park)

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@ED92Magic@twitter.com Churros, Dole Whip, Mickey Ice Cream Bar,... All the classics need to be there.

BUT I would love to see more high quality (I insist) French pâtisserie with a Disney twist that are not cookie cutters or machine printed sugar tiles based. Or Brie popcorn? haha

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bilf (book i’d like to finish)

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Often, when Apple releases a new product, the previous version feels instantaneously outdated. I'm sitting in front of a 10 year old iMac I use as a 2nd screen and it looks more modern than the new iMac, except for the thick bezels...

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The new iMac is beautiful from the back and the side. But it's meh from the front... which is the side you see most often.

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I really hope Apple makes this computer one day.

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Just me appreciating that the hotels closest to the Magic Kingdom are each themed to lands from the Park. Main Street USA, Adventureland, Frontierland and Tomorrowland.

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I want this as a Marvel movie, NOW! (Also this will be me after just my regular 2 doses 😂) @richblackguy_@twitter.com

Obligatory vaccine selfie alert! I got my first dose yesterday! 😅

Forgot to post yesterday! Let's say it was an April Fool's joke! It's Tree Of Life April on my Disney Parks Calendar! °o°
🗓 April 2021
#2021 … instagr.am/p/CNKNoylBm2n/

As much as I dislike April Fools day, it helps me realize how much I believe way too easily in anything I read on Twitter. 😒

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April 1 needs to just be a regular day going forward. I personally can’t take one more ounce of tomfoolery

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Even as a cis man I didn't recognize myself in the original announcement! I'm not a boy and definitely not a gentleman! 😅
Joke aside I'm glad everyone will feel more included from now on.

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Tokyo Disney Resort Replaces “Ladies and Gentlemen” With “Hello Everyone” in Park Announcements to Promote Gender Inclusiveness


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