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I am the editor of an online writing magazine called The New Leaf Journal. We post articles on a variety of topics that interest us. To learn more about our project and find a sample of the 300+ articles that we have posted since launching in April 2020, please see our "About" page below.

I was fond of The Great Suspender extension for Chromium-based browsers before it was corrupted by trackers. I decided to look for alternatives. In this post, I examine, and describe my experience with, two tracker-free Great Suspender forks: The Great Suspender No Track and The Marvelous Suspender.

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I began writing an article about the quiet end of Google Bookmarks - a service I believed I never heard of. I went into Google Boomkarks for a screenshot and discovered I had four (and only four) bookmarks from 2008 (2) and 2010 (2). Go figure.

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Plausible has finally made it to the first page of Google's search results for "Google Analytics alternative".

It's a good way to introduce ourselves to site owners who are not necessarily searching for a privacy-first and open source alternative...

Let's see what happens next.

I reinstalled Manjaro on my computer a week and a half ago. When I installed my preferred markdown editor - Ghostwriter - I was confronted by a segmentation fault when I tried to run it. Mysterious - as it was running fine on my laptop with the same OS and desktop environment. I investigated and eventually found the solution to the (now-resolved for everyone) issue.

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I don't draw often. But when I do, I ask myself if I made a mistake by focusing on writing instead of art. Am I depriving the world of a special talent? Am I being selfish?

("Art" created in Kolour Paint. Discerning viewers may notice that the "head" on the figure atop the hill has appeared on my Pixelfed.)

It would take too much time to explain the full context of my beautiful artwork here, but it depicts my questioning whether my friend's decision to start an argument in favor of Bob Dylan's singing ability from the basic point of "Bob Dylan is capable of singing" was in line with Sun Tzu's best practices. If this sounds interesting and/or amusing to you, you can see the full article that goes with the picture:

PS: I was satisfied when a different friend of mine correctly identified the marsh at the bottom of the hill.

#myart #art #badart #digitalart #kolourpaint #stickfigure #meme #hill #marsh #sun #suntzu #humor #newleafjournal #thenewleafjournal

I discovered that my 2FA SoloKeys do not work for logging into Google when I use the Ungoogled Chromium browser. They do work for all other sites. It was not a problem since I have a second 2FA method for Google, but out of curiosity, I sought, and found, the answer to why my keys did not work for Google on Ungoogled Chromium's wiki.

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Revision 2 of the PinePhone keyboard, this one is actually nice to type on :D

Charlotte Becker was a prolific poet from Buffalo, New York, who was published in many magazines and newspapers in the early twentieth century. One thing led to another, and I ended up collecting 34 of her 300+ poems in their entirety into one article. Poems illustrated by some of my photos.

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I forgot how I found Elephind, but I have found it to be a useful resource for research. Elephind is a search engine for old scanned newspapers - mostly from the United States and Australia. In addition to having a large (and growing) library of papers, its search engine consistently returns relevant results for event general queries.

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Monopoly as usual:
Google's Unfair Performance Advantage in Chrome

#Google Chrome for #Android has a feature that gives Google Search an unfair advantage over its competition. It reserves a performance-boosting feature for it - so other search engines will always have a slower startup.

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I purchased a refurbished 2013 Asus Nexus 7 to try Ubuntu Touch. I used the UBports Installer and got it working with little hassle. In this post, I describe the process and offer some (very) early and brief impressions of Ubuntu Touch. I look forward to learning more about it and writing a longer piece in the future.

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#CallOut to our #Android devs:

GpsIcon needs help. No idea why this useful featue was ditched with Android 4.4: a GPS indicator that blinked when looking for a signal, and switched to steady when a fix was aquired. The tiny app (<50k!) even shows how many sats were found already, and how much are used for a fix.

But with Android 10, it not longer works reliably, see – and the author has no idea how to fix that.

Anyone? Boosts welcome!

On July 4, 1926, then-President Calvin Coolidge commemorated the 150th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence with an address. In my post, I examine Coolidge's views from the speech on why the United States commemorates Independence Day.

(Additional Fact: July 4 was also Coolidge's birthday.)

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#followerpower Anyone knows this fellow? Flora Incognita failed to do its job here. And me too.😶

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