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There are many stories about athletes taking games off for rest or for one relatively minor injury or another. In the late 90s, an NBA player, Shawn Respert, took a different route - not only playing through radiation treatment for stomach cancer, but also not revealing that he had done so until his playing career was over - lest anyone may have thought that he was making excuses.

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Today is great because...
a.'s a Friday
b. ...we have new servers 🙌

Anime hair and the ship of Theseus. I would take credit for bringing these disparate topics together, but I owe it to a friend who many years ago inadvertently took the position that 2D people don't have hairstyles... 2D people are hairstyles.

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In January, I reviewed an 1897 article on the Golden Pheasant. This article stands out to me for having been the first on my site to be submitted to Hacker News. Well, let no one say they don't receive a variety of content.

Last September, I published "The Red Car on Roosevelt Island." There are times when a post's title describes the content exactly. This is one of those times.

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Hello again developers! Here are more #Fediverse projects you can help out on:

Castopod (Podcasting platform)

Flockingbird (LinkedIn alternative)

Friendica (Facebook alternative)

Mobilizon (Facebook Events alternative)

Plume (Medium alternative)

WordPress ActivityPub Plugin (makes WordPress blogs part of the Fediverse)


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The Newsletter Leaf Journal (see what we just did there?) for April 11, 2021. I recap our content from the week and look forward to the week to come. If you like what you read, consider subscribing by email or adding our newsletter's RSS feed to your favorite feed reader (thank you to Buttondown for that terrific feature).

I used several articles - all linked in the below post - as a prompt to write some thoughts on artisanal and humane design for online writing and art websites. What do I mean by humane? Content and sites made by human beings for consumption by human beings, with an overall view toward looking at readers as people rather than data.

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Last June, my friend and colleague reviewed three sets of boutique guitar strings on three of his classic guitars. I personally know little about guitars, much less guitar strings, but I can see well that his guitar collection is on the clutch side.

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I'd love to know how the rings in the snow formed... it is only about four feet deep, so not deep enough to conceal a tree of that diameter. #california #nature
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The most important part of being a hero is telling everyone about your heroic deed. So said someone, maybe. I discussed my own heroic action in an October article about my "rescue" of a fallen trash can in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Photographic evidence included - how could one be a hero without pictures?

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Showing no remorse reveals how FB values user data:

It is the responsibility of a tech service to secure user data. Better choose services that protect your privacy! 💪
Check here whether your data was leaked:

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I took this photo of a small plant growing on the Manhattan Bridge pedestrian walkway with my BlackBerry Classic camera in August 2018. I recall that the plant was growing close to the Brooklyn entrance/exit of the bridge. Plants are resourceful, are they not?

I offered some brief additional thoughts in a corresponding article:

#nyc #brooklyn #manhattanbridge #nycbridge #plant #weed #leaves #green #walkway #shotonblackberry #blackberryclassic #thenewleafjournal #newleafjournal

Newest post - the story of an 1860 miniature painting of Abraham Lincoln, completed in the August before he won the November election for president. The article includes contemporaneous notes from the painter.

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April weather at it's best. Keeps changing every 15 min with high winds and alternating hail, short but intensive snow, sun and cloud. Managed to get out for a walk during a sunny period.

As we need some #colour, I did a bit of a #Geskizzel #scribble with some felt tip pens just now: #quick #sketch #art #mastoart #ownstuff

- Tugboat at Rostock-Warnemünde -

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