I endorse this view @HardeepSPuri@twitter.activitypub.actor. Many of us do. We are not children in need of mummies & daddies who tell us what to eat, read, etc. We are not sheep either. We are independent adults and we want democracy back. This includes the right to criticise you.
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Mr Minister Puri ji @HardeepSPuri@twitter.activitypub.actorise he's not doing us any favours. Our power as citizens doe…

@nagrik243 @ranjona @rupagulab

Pardon me, my Hindi typing abilities are severely restricted...

Hongkong-type protests ARE democratic too! Else historically, despots would all have continued to rule till their miserable natural lives came to an end!

So personally, I'm NIT against the protests in JNU, would love to see it gather into a pan-India movement, if required!!

How can people claim Modiji not done anything for education, you forgot he Single handedly enrolled 33% MAsses into his own "WhatsApp University"

@NSure @ranjona @rupagulab The opposition is ineffective and the media spineless. These two pillars of a democracy would have been enough.

To the visually impaired student who got beaten by the Delhi police.
Sir you may not have the gift of sight but your vision supercedes all of ours.

In bus today had to overhear people talking about Modi's foriegn visits. one guy telling that as per the stars it is war time in the world and Modi is busy visiting countries to dissuade them from war and one man preventing the world from war.

Twitter very unreliable to forge complaints... A Government department guy jus called on my mobile linked to twitter about d post i made regarding issues in dat Office who gave my phone number to Him.. Well dats privacy breach

मोदी सरकार अपने छात्रों, किसानों, व्यापारियों, सरकारी कर्मचारियों, मध्यम वर्ग और निम्न वर्ग के खिलाफ युद्ध कर रही है।

शेरनी इंदिरा गांधी जी ने चाइना से युद्ध के समय सैनिकों की दवाई के लिए अपने जेवर देश के खजाने में जमा करवा दिए थे।
कोई दस लाख का सूट पहनकर फोटो खिचवा रहा और देश विदेश घूम रहा, निवेश के नाम पर जीरो आया,।
आज इंदिरा गांधी जी के जन्म जयंती पर शत शत नमन।


Modi selling - AIR INDIA, BPCL, CONTAINER CORPORATION, BEML, BHEL and many more to benefit industrialists who they received electoral bond

So, Modiji takes cake by just spending 50k and states has to fund 4.5 lac for Modiji's promotion.

Truth of . @bhupeshbaghel@twitter.com

Exceptional bravery, fortitude, in resisting this -proto-fascist government, stooge of a hardcore VC, their machinations towards implementing on steroids. Bravo, brava! More power to the , and the .


When students protest, the police should protect—not assault—them. t.co/ctNV6NNubY?amp=1

JNU students have shown more grit & determination in their fight for justice than political parties & this seems to have rattled the establishment a lot !!

How afraid is the govt of students.
They have shut down .Sec, Patel Chowk, Udyog Bhawan and Lok Kalyan Marg metro stations so that students don't take metro to reach .

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U.P Govt acquired 1141 acre land in Unnao for a SEZ in 2002-03. After farmers protest in 2005, compensation was hiked from 1.5 lakh/bigha to 5.5 lakh/bigha. In 2014, UP cancelled SEZ & announced Trans Gang City Project. Why not hike the compensation, when Govt set to profit more?

With #Section144 imposed in and outside #JNU, students who broke police barricades to continue their march are now being detained. @qasimmasumi, a #JNU student rep. is one of the 50 or so detainees, sharing a report from the ground here.


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