In which corner of fediverse is the shitposting going on, I need to see that my timeline. This medium is lacking without quality shitposting and memes.

whomst shall i be seeing at Bangalore Comic Con over the weekend?

How to #mute in #Mastodon ?
You might be knowing of muting a particular 🆔
What about muting a word overall in Home, Notifications , Local n Federated TimeLine?
Follow the steps 👇🏿
Go to your account preferences
Check out for filters
For each tab add words you want to mute

Indian men who have migrated here from birdsite, please be mindful of mansplaining. I have been mansplained to constantly since I got here.

Seeing a lot of folks tagging instance admins unnecessarily. Please refrain from doing that.
Contact them if only there's a valid need.

there are PhDs following me and im busy posting brain cell killing content

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i think its brave and incredibly sexy of me to be making jokes on this platform full of smarter people

i think it's not that 'everybody's morally grey' but that poor people don't really have any moral choices that they can make freely, everything is stacked up against that and the 'country we are living in' is injustice so there is no avenue for that at all. anyway comrade bong joon ho had the line 'kind because you're rich' which pretty much sums it up. they don't even let someone be a person

for the lawyers on here: now that deities are legal entities, can they be named as co-conspirators the next time someone lynches a person in their name? asking for a friend

to clarify, I mean the South Korean movie, not the Indian right

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send me all those Parasite thinkpieces and essays pls

Imagine snitching on yourself like this.

ok 'normal India voice'.

Farmers Suicide Data released after 3 year delay.
Just look at the sly timing they released it.

I'm queer woman doing research on stress, stigma, and health in the queer community. I process stuff about bodies, shame, and mental health through art (same handle on instagram 👀).

Opinions aplenty about queerness, gender, politics, mental health, body positivity/liberation/acceptance -- often listen more than I speak

Anonish account (for now). Hi.

Folks, a lot of Indian fascists have joined the instance recently. Browse the "Local" timeline or the hashtag and report them to the mods to get them suspended. Be sure to quote the exact rule from CoC which they are breaching.

Help keep this space clean.

Thank you!

While the judgment strains to point out that the matter was not decided on faith, it places the onus on Muslims alone to prove exclusive possession of the site.

There is no similar expectation from the Hindu side.

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hi new people from 🇮🇳!! when reporting people where their posts aren't in english i would really appreciate it if you could provide some kind of rough translation, since google translate doesn't really work with hindi, tamil, etc. and we don't have a mod that speaks these languages yet!

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