I've just created the mockup for Replay at phones, and made some tweaks to the mockup for PC.

What do u think?

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Note to self: no longer post images to :birdsite: anymore, but directly to :mastodon:. Image quality becomes disastrous when crossposting from :birdsite: to :mastodon:

idk what part of my head thought it would be a good idea

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@nahuelwexd alright, Real Opinion Time™

hmmmmmm I don't think the HdyViewSwitcherBar with that "Library" button works very intuitively? But with the current HIG and widgets it seems like a compromise is needed

@xerz There is WIP for a transient sidebar (HdyFlap), but I don't think it's really better than the "Library" button

I mean, at least you know that button leads to a new page, the transient sidebar will be hidden by default

@nahuelwexd how come you choose vala, instead of, for example, rust?

@minkiu I had experience with C#, and when I wanted to make an app for Linux I realized that the GTK bindings for C# were bad. Looking for alternatives, I found that elementary promoted Vala as something great and I tried it, I quickly loved it and decided to create my project in that language :)

Rust in GTK didn't show up until later, but I didn't have any experience with Rust either, so I'm still with Vala for now

@nahuelwexd What exactly is Replay?Is it for PeerTube or Youtube or something else?Never heard about it.

@nipos You've never heard of Replay because I never finished it 😜. It's a YouTube client that I am making for GNOME, 'cause I'm tired of opening the browser for everything, it's slow and ugly, not a good experience.

I'll probably add more backends later (when I finish the app) including PeerTube, which I found interesting

@nahuelwexd That sounds interesting 😃 Will it work with Youtube-DL in the background?Because Google is an asshole and shouldn't be able to mine data and earn ad money from the app.

@nipos The idea is to use the YouTube Data API to get the list of videos and youtube-dl to play them

I have observed that youtube-dl provides a way for me to write the stream directly to the stdout, so that will do the trick for me

@nahuelwexd That sounds great from a privacy perspective but using an official API may not be a good idea because they will revoke your API key when your app gets popular and you don't show their ads.That's what broke Hooktube,which is only a iframe to the official embed player nowadays 😕 Scraping the data from the publicly available HTML page is more difficult but protects you from getting banned.That's how Invidious and NewPipe work.

@nipos 🤔 weird then that other apps that I know haven't died yet (such as MyTube in Windows 10)

Indeed, web scraping is not pretty, hmm :/ And in fact it could be broken with some redesign of the YouTube website

@nahuelwexd I don't know exactly how MyTube works but I know that Hooktube was banned for using the official API and Invidious,NewPipe and Youtube-DL,which are scraping the page,can always work around blocks and changes even if that means that they're broken for a short period of time until anyone fixes it again.

@nahuelwexd Seeing nice visuals of apps designed for #gnome always makes me happy. And I'm even happier when I see their not made by people from the gnome design team !

@nahuelwexd In my experience touch input that allows you to both scroll vertically and horizontally on the same screen like that don’t work very well, because your fingers don’t do straight lines. The former Riot UI was terrible for that reason.

@afranke Hmm, on Android I'm using YouTube Music which has a similar interface, with things to scroll horizontally and things to scroll vertically and it works quite well 🤔

Although it's true that idk how GTK will behave here, so it'll be something that will have to be tested well

@nahuelwexd It looks nice to me.

Are these mockups done using Glade or are they SVG drawings?

@KekunPlazas And you find something that's still very far from what the pictures show and still not really functional


@nahuelwexd Yeah I saw that, every app starts somewhere. 😉

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