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My permanent todo list

- [ ] Survive
- [ ] Experiment

Meine permanente Todo-Liste:

- [ ] Überleben
- [ ] Experimentieren

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Death is a fact and a matter of time.

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When you dumped your worries, fears and negative emotions down the toilet and grew a new branch out of your old tree.

This is not happiness. It’s featherness - not feeling any weight or baggage only worry-free.

Clap your hands because you achieved to be present.

The obvious reason adulthood is considered the serious stage of your life: You don't smile that often.

Children smile up to 400 times a day. Adults only 15 on average! That means a child laughs 26 times harder or more often than you.

Conclusion: Smile. more. often. And if you laugh only once a day at least laugh really hard!

How often do you smile per day?

Show some teeth like you're at the dentist - without the pain 😁

Loving the one-minute reads from Core Assistance 😍 In terms of brevity and density of value "The Derek Sivers for website tips and tricks" - including mindset hacks.

Here's a piece about perfection:

You're putting your soul into making your product, you're pouring your heart into talking about your product and how much effort it took to make it and you're presenting it so the bones of your audience keep vibrating even hours after your talk.

Some words on making products.

I've got a new blog post for everyone!!


"The idea of a perfect life on the Hawaiian Islands is utter rubbish. The minute other people project perfection onto paradise, then true paradise is lost. I look at it this way: you know you’ve found your home when you love it because of–not in spite of–its imperfections."

@KyokiKafuka @Yuki_G_t9tK

‘Stephen Hawking’s final words to the internet: robots aren’t the problem, capitalism is’

“If machines produce everything we need, the outcome will depend on how things are distributed. Everyone can enjoy a life of luxurious leisure if the machine-produced wealth is shared, or most people can end up miserably poor if the machine-owners successfully lobby against wealth redistribution.”

Also on our radar:

I'm giving "The Archive" a serious try as a replacement for the macOS Notes app. It just launched today and it works with plain text storage, Markdown formatting, and comes with a clean interface.

Also great: You have 60 days to try and then can decide whether to pay those 20 euros to use it forever!

If you're learning something new, "I don't want you to focus on something great that you're going to make happen to you ("I'm going to find a girlfriend, I'm going to make lots of money ..."). I want you to purely focus on giving yourself a skill that would make you ever so slightly more interesting and valuable to other people."

Fantastic last-minute Michy Batshuayi!! yuchhuuu

Exciting! First time I started using a domain agent to acquire a domain. Let's see how that works and works out eventually.

Ever wondered how to track your progress as a human? Try the now page that Derek Sivers came up with. Everyone can create a now page and review and edit it regularly. Here's my now page updated just today:

My 2017 Annual Review - format inspired by James Clear

Escúchala a tu proxima earworm: Maria Usbeck - Bosque De Bambú

"Usbeck is Ecuadorian 🇪🇨, and the album contains a gorgeous collection of songs written in her native Spanish that transcend language entirely." —

When thinking of the coffee culture* and its hefty consumption I think of one reason: People try to be awake for too long (for whatever reason) and therefore sleep too little. The one conclusion I can make is then: Man, sleep more.

*the kind of culture whose people are not drinking coffee for pleasure but for the energetic wake-up call effect it has, so it shows signs of addiction or is actual addiction.

This guy has a point by saying "Stop Caring What People Think"

Looking beyond the edge of my plate, this is what the children of a Ugandan church choir have to say:

When starting out with something, mastering the first hill is crucial to your future success. I wrote some lines about climbing that first hill in my voiceover career.

The possible psychology of a worker with a Monday to Friday job and the weekend off:

Saturday = „Great! It’s weekend.“ (He/She realizes it’s weekend)

Sunday = „Yeah! I can do whatever I want!“ (He/She discovers new things inside him/her, explores, plays and toys around enjoying him-/herself.)

Monday-Friday = He/She loses his/her enthusiasm again. What was a colorful parrot on the weekend became a gray mouse again.

Repeats until 65 (or whatever the state thinks is the right age for pension).

Today Jesus wrote me that I could buy everything I wanted in his online shop.

Heute schrieb mir Jesus, dass ich alles, was ich brauche, in seinem Online-Shop kaufen könne.

Productivity hack: Make a folder in Safari named "watch list". Whenever you stumble upon something interesting to watch that is not related to what you're doing right now, add it to the folder. It's bookmarked, saved and you can watch it when leisure time has come.