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Be a servant.

That’s my no. 1 outcome after having observed and having been exposed to successful business people. Let that be your mantra and you’ll be doing fine. Many things derive from that seemingly simple notion.

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My permanent todo list

- [ ] Survive
- [ ] Experiment

Meine permanente Todo-Liste:

- [ ] Überleben
- [ ] Experimentieren

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When you dumped your worries, fears and negative emotions down the toilet and grew a new branch out of your old tree.

This is not happiness. It’s featherness - not feeling any weight or baggage only worry-free.

Clap your hands because you achieved to be present.

In addition to the topic, this video by Patrick Bet-David about his perspective that you will probably not be able to live exactly the life you want/dream to live.

The next-generation of kids making electronic music: Let's Eat Grandma

For example, today my 6-step morning routine took about 2.5 hours (not 2h). That’s ok. I’m not super dogmatic about the exact hours (at least I try not to be). I use the time estimate as a guideline ready to be adapted. It’s like having a plan. You have a plan but you’re open to change it when necessary.

What’s your strategy for a productive enriching day?

Keep in mind, a strategy is constantly changing and evolving as you go. This is only a snapshot of what’s been helping me since June 2018. I also failed at being disciplined and I had non-productive („destructive“) days. I don’t like it but it’s fine because I know what to improve. In my case it’s my lack of self-respect, see this podcast episode ( that talks about self-respect and 5 other ways to develop self-discipline.

If I get distracted or something unplanned enters my day I decide whether it’s important and urgent. If it is, I’ll do it. If not, I write it down on my whiteboard, as a note in my productivity planner or in my digital notebook. Then it’s out of my mind, I don’t have to think about it and I continue following my productivity process.

Long-term success happens because I was successful on a daily basis

A successful day happens when I stick to my own 10 steps. My key to a success is having the discipline to follow the 10 steps of my own productivity process. That’s it.

Ending the day:

10. Logging how much time I spent on making/saving money, building assets and health, filling my five-minute journal, defining my most important task for tomorrow in my productivity planner and shutting down the machines

In between, I eat for 3 approx. hours (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

Make and save money:

7. Auditions | work on demo reel 3-4 h
8. Work on day job (pays 100 % of my bills) 2 h

Build assets:

9. incl. inbound marketing for and, as well as working on, and my book about my 3-week survival trip in Cuba back in 2017

If I’m sticking to the following process every day, I know I’ll succeed. I’ll tell you in a bit why I sometimes fail at doing so.

My 10-steps productivity process

Morning routine for sanity/health:

1. Rise (after 6-8 hours of night sleep) 10 min
2. Walk outside (partly barefoot) 20 min
3. Brain-dump up to 30 min
4. Express gratitude (using my 5-minute journal) 5 min
5. Meditate (reading Stoic words and using Headspace) 10-15 min
6. Work out 20-45 min

My personal strategy for a productive day

A productive day is both soul-fulfilling and goal-achieving - „Achievement without fulfillment won’t make you“ (T. Robbins). Therefore, a productive day takes care of my physical health and sanity, it makes sure I get the MIT (most important thing) of the day done and allows me to work on building new and nourishing existing business assets. A productive is a rich day, enriching so it’s adding value to my life and business.

You don’t have to like Grant Cardone, you don’t have to read his 10X Rule book and you certainly don’t have to follow the mindset that comes with it („success is your duty“).

Even if his teachings annoy you, there’s plenty of good stuff to learn from at his 10X Growth Conference and it's great opportunity to meet new people.

He’s selling the tickets for as cheap as 95 US$. General admission usually costs a thousand dollars and more.

Will I see you at 10X Growth Con?

20-year old and wise Matt Best talks about listening to the feedback of your body when sweating and exhausting yourself through intense physical activities. His goal of this intensity? To “Feel Alive!" - listen to Matt on Anchor

My thing is to promote Indie makers and their projects, primarily through voiceover, but I'm cool sharing a link.

So, here's a guy with a 9-to-5 day job who's becoming a professional full-time musician.

Check megabyteGhost and his first episode

Be a servant.

That’s my no. 1 outcome after having observed and having been exposed to successful business people. Let that be your mantra and you’ll be doing fine. Many things derive from that seemingly simple notion.

Our planet has been surfing the outer space since its creation, and you were wondering when you’ll ever be part of human spaceflight?

You’ve been traveling space since you were born, and this Spaceship Earth has been having a fun ride since over 4.5 billion years.

If you want the big picture, get an overview:

Big picture, or overview effect. That’s what helps you to overcome obstacles that are in front of you. You know _why_ you’re doing it because you saw it all with distance.

A side effect of zooming out: You get another perspective. For example, when you’re in space you see the Earth in context, from another angle. Then you may wonder: How was I not able to see that us humans are already riding in space?