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Be a servant.

That’s my no. 1 outcome after having observed and having been exposed to successful business people. Let that be your mantra and you’ll be doing fine. Many things derive from that seemingly simple notion.

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My permanent todo list

- [ ] Survive
- [ ] Experiment

Meine permanente Todo-Liste:

- [ ] Überleben
- [ ] Experimentieren

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When you dumped your worries, fears and negative emotions down the toilet and grew a new branch out of your old tree.

This is not happiness. It’s featherness - not feeling any weight or baggage only worry-free.

Clap your hands because you achieved to be present.

Hi, it’s Alex from stolenvoice. I’m currently exploring 🦁 Madagascar. I’ll be back on October 4, 2018.

Meanwhile, I’m wishing you an adventurous time :)

Take care,
- Alex :)

My voiceover journey started 235 days ago. This is my path to become an actor, so I don’t regret that I haven’t tried pursuing it!

Best productive week in 2018: Every day (Mon-Fri) I achieved a 10 out of 10 productivity score in my Productivity Planner. The extra productivity boost maybe came from the fact that next week my research trip to Madagascar 🇲🇬 is due :P

His reaction reminded me of my affinity to old-school behavior:

After my greeting and our eye contact, he stopped walking for two seconds and leaned forward, expressing his appreciation.

It was a sincere moment that obviously made an impression on me.

Takeaway: You don’t need to have a stick in your ass to be formally nice, you can just take a second or two and appreciate when people are treating you nicely, show your appreciation. It can be easy to forget although it’s not hard to do.

Old-school behavior is great - it’s respectful, man!

It’s Friday and all of a sudden I’m nice to people and other people are nice to me as well.

The late afternoon sun is out, people are closing their shops and the weekend is sending its mellow vibes already.

What this does to people?

During my barefoot walk, I greeted an older person (one of my hobbies), and he didn’t seem to expect a greeting from a somewhat young man like me.

Who's your favorite artist, content creator or independent maker? Music, design, visual arts, acting, etc.

And why?

Imagine I would have stayed longer in the city and would have received repeated exposure to Yolando, him always treating me nice. Who do you think would I recommend if someone was looking for a nice bicitaxi driver (leaving aside that there are tons of them)? Exactly, Yolando.

Takeaway: Leave a good first impression, build up the relation and make the sale when the relation is „warm“ and the customer is „prepared“.

The one move he could have made was to give me his card with his phone number on. That wouldn’t have worked for me (still with my strict budget) but I would have been able to give it to someone else.

Imagine I would have stayed longer in the city and would have received repeated exposure to Yolando, him always treating me nice. Who do you think would I recommend if someone was looking for a nice bicitaxi driver (leaving aside that there are tons of them)? Exactly, Yolando.

Yolando still made a positive impression on me although he made no sale. He made the first move towards building a relationship in his first appearance in my life.

Up until the end, it was a nice intercultural, casual and easy-going exchange. I didn’t use his services - because I was in a serious financial situation (a budget of 7 US dollars per day - not a lot for Cuba), which is why I couldn’t even use bicitaxi ride with him.

Yolando then started a conversation while driving at my walking speed. He didn’t push me to use his services, actually, he gave the impression of enjoying the conversation. It felt natural to me. We talked for a good amount of time, maybe around 150 meters, until we parted ways.

Cuban bicitaxi driver teaches you about marketing

In Cienfuegos (Cuba) I was walking on a sidewalk. It was midday and the sun was brutal. A bicitaxi driver (I’m calling him Yolando) approached me and asked if I needed a ride.

I denied.

Your friends and family don’t support you because they don’t trust in what you’re doing. Show them results and let the action speak for itself. Then, those people will come to you. And you probably didn’t even ask for it (or expect it) at all.

*I don’t know the original source or author of this text but I found it on social media (and decided to share it - with some amendments here and there).*

While going that way invite people to watch your journey, so that the only thing you’re asking of them is their attention, not more. The responsibility for the success of your business is on you. The duty is yours. If you’re lacking support find the environment that gives you support or work harder and gain exposure by showing up - every day.

To you, dear self-employed, small business owner:

I don’t expect anything will change because the appeal of buying from a very important person is just magical. So, your duty, you as the business owner, is to become either rich, famous or VIP (or all three).

So, next time you see a friend posting about their business give them a quick like, share or a comment (if you actually care about what he/she is doing), you don’t even have to buy the product or service. It all helps to gain more exposure for their business which really helps.

Why are you so quick to support someone you don’t know, who has plenty of money already, but you can find a million reasons not to support someone we know?

Remember when you support a small business, you are helping families feed their kids and pay their mortgage, not adding a few more zeros to a celebrity’s bank account.

Friend or family member starts a new business, you are wary:

„Not sure this is gonna work“
„I’ll give it 6 months“
„they’re a bit expensive“

To you, if you have a friend owning a small business:

Rihanna releases a lip gloss, you buy it. Michael Jordan puts out some new trainers, you buy it. Dr. Dre has new headphones, you buy it. Oprah promotes weight loss programs, you jump (if you can) on board. Beyoncé has a concert, you spend $ 250 on a ticket.

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