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My permanent todo list

- [ ] Survive
- [ ] Experiment

Meine permanente Todo-Liste:

- [ ] Überleben
- [ ] Experimentieren

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Death is a fact and a matter of time.

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When you dumped your worries, fears and negative emotions down the toilet and grew a new branch out of your old tree.

This is not happiness. It’s featherness - not feeling any weight or baggage only worry-free.

Clap your hands because you achieved to be present.

In addition:

Trying, not omission of trying, makes you wise. The mean to trial is the experiment. The attempt is the basic tool of modern times.

via Nadine Nobile on LinkedIn -


Versuch, nicht Unterlassung macht klug. Das Mittel dazu ist das Experiment. Der Versuch ist das Grundwerkzeug der Moderne.

One Voice Conference 2018, London — short film (part 2)

With a little feature of Abi Philipps baked right into it because one who says „Hi“ gets a shout out back ;) - and Mr. Joe Cipriano has a special appearance in the short film as well, easily one of my favorite encounters in the VO world so far.

I know there are many more great people in the industry - wanna meet them all :)

Identity research is a crucial part of my voiceover work because of creating and embodying characters. They are independent and sovereign human entities and therefore deserve a life on their own.

One free course I found is provided by the Open University: Understanding Identity. It's on an introductory level, so it’s easy to follow the material. Plus, you can read the transcript while listening to the audio and make notes yourself.


Timeless advice for starters:

1. Truly listen to everybody but don’t believe it all

2. Work as hard as you can to hone your craft

3. Be patient (it's a flooded market)

4. Don’t expect it to happen overnight

5. Keep persevering

by Michelle Daeche via Gravy For The Brain

The easiest way I can think of to prevent issues with your feet is walking barefoot outside. Not only can you enjoy the sunny weather (if it's fine at your place) but also can you challenge your feet because these little stones you have on sandy paths are a peeling for your feet.

If the weather is shitty or it’s winter, get a trampoline or a balance board and stand and jump there on one foot. There’s more but for now, barefoot-walking when sunny and trampoline-jumping when shitty should be fine

Give your feet the peeling they deserve

It’s common for a voiceover to stand while recording, sometimes for hours. Though you enjoy the performance your feet have to do hard work, and it’s easy to forget how important they are (if you had a leg injury and needed an operation you know what I mean).

Not only do you stand on your feet. They also balance your posture and make sure you’re stable. If your feet are out of balance, mal-shaped or untrained it affects your whole body.

MacBook Air works faster than MacBook Pro for simple tasks

Overall working speed for voiceover recording, writing copy (script) and internet research (browser) for character creation feels better on a MacBook Air (2012) compared to the MacBook Pro I bought a year ago.

Human DNA contains banana 🍌 DNA but what if a banana starts looking like a 🦒 giraffe?!

Correction: "A rigid conviction..." not a "A riding conviction..." ;)

The moral/lesson: Contract and release and always give room after you set your own boundaries. This essentially means that every once in a while you should question your actions and behavior. If something has turned into a rigid conviction maybe it’s time to liquefy or soften it a bit. There’s a reason why 70 or 80 percent of our bodies consist of water. A riding conviction simply doesn’t feel natural to a body that is longing for liquidity.

When geographically separated, both are now longer under the dietary influence of the other (without imposing their respective diet on the other) but they have their own space and can reflect on what kind of diet they want, healthy-wise, ethically or for joy. Then, it can happen the person on a veggie diet starts eating meat or the person on a regular diet tries eating more veggie food.

Pressure, pressure, pressure. If you put pressure on something or someone all the time you can’t expect anything to happen or change. If, however, you release that thing or person from your pressure and let it/him/her be, you’ll see what effect a pressure-less environment can do to it/him/her.

For example: A person on a regular diet is co-living with another person on a vegetarian diet. Living together, both eat as they usually do, one meat and all, the other eating everything veggie.

However, if you’re with your mate, make sure your doG doesn’t go crazy with his bite reflex. Some playful bites here and there are fine but I don’t want him to enter an aggressive state and force an open wound on me, a wound ready to be infected by whatever germs are in the air. I’d like to decide for myself what kind of convictions I want in my life, no need to „jehovah“ me.

If taking a ride with a bicycle (like it’s done in Germany on that day quite frequently) is not your thing, you can ascend to higher intellectual grounds by reading a great book.

Also, why not cherish the emptiness in life? This is not as morbid as it sounds. If you allow the void (an initial gap called chaos according to the Greek „khaos“) to enter your life you provide fertile ground for everything that is created after or renewed - by you or what you call your doG(s).

For those who enjoy the Jesus story, I’m wishing you a great ascension day.

For those who believe in other things like that the world is round or that the universe is infinite, I’m wishing you a great day to take a ride to wherever you want with whoever you want with whatever purpose you’d like or even just purposeless but for the pleasure of leisure („the basis of culture“, as Josef Pieper writes).

An attitude of seeming contradiction: I listen with care to what you say but I don’t care what you think.

So, you could say acting (like other in-the-moment performances) is conscious training cos you can’t escape the moment.

P.S. I’m thanking my midnight walks for these kind thoughts and the tranquility that reigns the night when many people are sleeping (or at least try).

The moment you stop being in auto-pilot and become conscious. You’re feeling awkward, insecure and vulnerable as if you were brand-new to this world. But you also gain tremendous power over yourself and control over the situation. That’s, by the way, the greatest skill of actors.

They make it seem like there were on autopilot and doing what their character demands but in reality they are fully conscious and masters of full-body control.

After months and weeks of thinking and checking YouTube videos, I decided to try a DSLR for photography and film-making. Film and photography is a deep interest of mine but I need to be cautious to not lose focus on voiceover, the field I'm actually doing as my main profession right now. Still, exciting! :)

Once your platform sustains you and allows a prosperous life, you’ll be proud as fuck.