For those who enjoy the Jesus story, I’m wishing you a great ascension day.

For those who believe in other things like that the world is round or that the universe is infinite, I’m wishing you a great day to take a ride to wherever you want with whoever you want with whatever purpose you’d like or even just purposeless but for the pleasure of leisure („the basis of culture“, as Josef Pieper writes).

If taking a ride with a bicycle (like it’s done in Germany on that day quite frequently) is not your thing, you can ascend to higher intellectual grounds by reading a great book.

Also, why not cherish the emptiness in life? This is not as morbid as it sounds. If you allow the void (an initial gap called chaos according to the Greek „khaos“) to enter your life you provide fertile ground for everything that is created after or renewed - by you or what you call your doG(s).

However, if you’re with your mate, make sure your doG doesn’t go crazy with his bite reflex. Some playful bites here and there are fine but I don’t want him to enter an aggressive state and force an open wound on me, a wound ready to be infected by whatever germs are in the air. I’d like to decide for myself what kind of convictions I want in my life, no need to „jehovah“ me.

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