Pressure, pressure, pressure. If you put pressure on something or someone all the time you can’t expect anything to happen or change. If, however, you release that thing or person from your pressure and let it/him/her be, you’ll see what effect a pressure-less environment can do to it/him/her.

For example: A person on a regular diet is co-living with another person on a vegetarian diet. Living together, both eat as they usually do, one meat and all, the other eating everything veggie.

When geographically separated, both are now longer under the dietary influence of the other (without imposing their respective diet on the other) but they have their own space and can reflect on what kind of diet they want, healthy-wise, ethically or for joy. Then, it can happen the person on a veggie diet starts eating meat or the person on a regular diet tries eating more veggie food.

The moral/lesson: Contract and release and always give room after you set your own boundaries. This essentially means that every once in a while you should question your actions and behavior. If something has turned into a rigid conviction maybe it’s time to liquefy or soften it a bit. There’s a reason why 70 or 80 percent of our bodies consist of water. A riding conviction simply doesn’t feel natural to a body that is longing for liquidity.

Correction: "A rigid conviction..." not a "A riding conviction..." ;)

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