Can you be nicer today? One question can make you be

Voiceover is a people industry. Though much of your time is happening solo in the booth, it’s about stories told by people (through voice) for people to connect with things and people.

It’s so much about people that being nice to each other is a no-brainer. In theory, it is, in practice as well?


If you struggle to be nice to people, that’s maybe an issue you have with yourself or towards the world. But if you’re not sure whether you actually treat people in a nice way (because you think you do), I have a question that may help you find an answer.

Yes or no: Would you be nicer to people today if you knew you were going to die tomorrow?

If „no“ is your answer, you’re good.


If you answered „yes“, you have a problem. But it’s solvable. You only need to be honest with yourself and ask yourself: What nice thing could I do the next person I'll meet?

Examples of being nice to people

- Greet people in your neighborhood although you never greeted them before. And if you greeted them, don’t expect anything in return.

- Greet first, don’t wait for a greeting of the other person. It may not happen at all.

- Smile when you’re greeting strangers.


- Offer help to an older person crossing the street when you see that he/she is obviously struggling. — when was the last time you actually did it?

Remember the last time when a stranger helped you out and treated you genuinely nicely? Copy his/her behavior and apply it to another stranger. Being nice is infecting and has the power to spread just like a smile is contagious as fuck.

Alexander Kluge 🐣

Paying forward is another way to be nice, here are some great illustrated examples

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