Price is a filter (and a fishing net with holes)

As a professional voiceover, you define or at least help define the price of the service for your clients.

Imagine that marketing your voiceover service worked as a fishing net, and your price defined how many holes the net could have.

If your net had only a few holes you would catch a good amount of fish, even the very tiny ones.

But if your net had many holes you wouldn’t get as many fish, only the bigger and very big fish would be caught.

Fishing nets are filters and their density of holes defines the price.

A low price encourages many people to enter. That’s why the density of holes in the net is high (you can catch much fish and will lose only a few). It’s called the Low-Price Filter.

A high price will make fewer people knock on your door. That’s why the density of holes is low (you will lose much fish but catch those that are bigger than the holes). It’s called the High-Price Filter.

You can act as a low-price brand or choose the premium road.

Low-price clients will come and go, and there are so many that you will always find those looking for a „deal“. The fluctuation is high and there’s no room to establish a relationship because there’s no budget for that. You’re serving as a technician because low-price clients only care about tasks that got done.

Premium clients are harder to find but easier to turn into loyal partners once you’ve demonstrated that you work in their favor as an asset for their bottom line. Premium clients care about their success the most and they know you care about their success as well. You’re serving as a professional, as a business partner and an ally in their battle.

How high is your price and what are you willing to pay for it?

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