How a typical Headspace meditation session goes (in 7 steps)

I’ve been going through some basic meditation sessions via Headspace and this is how a session is structured:

1. Breathe in through the nose, out through the mouse several times

2. Eyes with soft focus

3. Gently close your eyes

4. Continue breathing and focus on the breathing (the up and down movement of your body during your breathing). The important thing is to focus on your body, not on your mind. When your mind starts wandering bring your attention back to the body.

5. Then have a few seconds of „play“ where you intentionally let your mind think whatever it wants. Go wild.

6. Bring then your attention back to the body and continue breathing. If more thoughts show up, notice them and let them pass. Your bodily sensation of calm breathing is what matters, so continue breathing for a few more minutes.

7. In the end, in your own time, open your eyes again and enjoy for a few more minutes the calm you’ve just experienced.

You can now transition into the workday.

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