Life is a process

You were born, not yet out of nothing. Something happened before and (unless you were a death-birth) something will happen after.

Before, you were either generated through a dose of power protein and hermetic sealing, or two people liked each other so much that they pushed and rubbed their bodies against each other that an erect boat entered a mellow bay. A moment of firework happened when one man jumped from the boat into the sea.

Up to nine months after, you abandon your pollywog existence and develop a tiny-man being. What once looked like a little frog is now you, an astronaut in liquid space fed by a cable from the planetary headquarters. You’re about to leave the dark, warm space and enter a bright, cold ground.

Time to go. Your liquid seat turned into a wet slide and the only way is downwards. The first few meters are fun but then you get stuck, you’re hearing a noise, the walls around you make pumping sounds and movements and your fun ride has ended. Now, it’s like in a Manila traffic jam and you only want to return home, to your liquid space station with the cable that nourished you.

The walls become thinner, even transparent and all of a sudden, there’s a bright light. Is this the light they told you would come? It is. You’re out, and you realize you were not in space you were in a big balloon with thick walls inside ane even bigger mothership.

You were in the Matrix and now you’re out. Stop crying, you’re not a baby (well you are but look what’s around). See, there you go. A new cable that feeds you. It’s a bit more wobbly and you make it work through cyclical movements of your mouth, but the flavor is almost like the power protein that started the whole drama.

Part 1 has come to an end. To be continued.

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