Who's your favorite artist, content creator or independent maker? Music, design, visual arts, acting, etc.

And why?

@naii well, this question is going to frustrate me all morning...

@naii It's hard enough to choose, like, a favorite band. Now I gotta pick ONE artist across genres and media? Tall order!

@timmymac I understand, Timmy. I would also have a hard time choosing. But maybe this question helps: What artist currently adds most meaning to your life?

@naii Currently? Gotta be Beethoven (been listening to various recordings of Symphony No. 7).

@timmymac Ok, I see. Let me rephrase: What artist currently (who is still alive) adds most meaning to your current life?

@timmymac Would you like to tell me why you chose William Gibson (the fiction writer and essayist)?

@naii the entire LoadingReadyRun team. They create hours of great entertainment every week and are delightful people. Their behind the scenes stuff has given me a greater appreciation for what goes into video production. Also, outside of their normal work, several of them created and run one of the best annual live streaming charity drive events, Desert Bus For Hope.


@TreeVor Very nice! I added them to my list.

In case you're wondering: I'm making a list of artists/creators that people tell me they like and out of them I'm letting my Patreon supporters select the top 25 Indie makers. For those I'll create an animated voiced video (one by one, starting with the most selected) that explains their topic and creates a story including them - in order to promote what they do.

It's all very early but once it's rolling people can vote on patreon.com/naiiio :)

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