Old-school behavior is great - it’s respectful, man!

It’s Friday and all of a sudden I’m nice to people and other people are nice to me as well.

The late afternoon sun is out, people are closing their shops and the weekend is sending its mellow vibes already.

What this does to people?

During my barefoot walk, I greeted an older person (one of my hobbies), and he didn’t seem to expect a greeting from a somewhat young man like me.

His reaction reminded me of my affinity to old-school behavior:

After my greeting and our eye contact, he stopped walking for two seconds and leaned forward, expressing his appreciation.

It was a sincere moment that obviously made an impression on me.

Takeaway: You don’t need to have a stick in your ass to be formally nice, you can just take a second or two and appreciate when people are treating you nicely, show your appreciation. It can be easy to forget although it’s not hard to do.

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