Why you keep listening to a person

You keep listening to a person because what you’re hearing resonates with you.

You keep listening because he/she keeps saying the same things (but in different manners, metaphors, stories).

You keep listening because he/she does what he/she is saying. His/her message is consistent.

You keep listening because you believe his/her words are true and you haven’t found inconsistencies (yet).

You keep listening because he/she keeps popping up wherever you are.

You keep listening because of all the above is true and you eventually find this person to be trustworthy. You know, like and trust him or her.

And you wonder why nobody is listening to what you’re saying?

So, action plan:

- Say things that resonate with people.

- Continue saying what you believe in (what you think is true).

- Do what you’re saying.

- Check for holes in your „thought-word-action chain“ and fix them.

- Show up where „your“ people are.

- Because you’re consistent, keep showing up and don’t lie you make people like and trust you.

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