After the success of 2017’s masterclass, I’m happy to repeat the Story Creation Masterclass in 2018 — again for free and email-only

If nobody cares about your product, it’s likely that your story isn’t compelling enough. You need to craft a better story.

Join my Story Creation Masterclass!

In this free email course, I show you some examples of great landing pages, how to write effective sales copy with a convincing story and offer you free consulting. Don’t miss the launch: Saturday, 1 December 2018. I look forward to seeing you.

At the end of the 2017 class, I analyzed student’s landing pages and community friends who asked for an analysis as well.

This is what they said:

„Thank you for this analysis! It is really eye opening and I learned a lot“ — Gustav Larsson, creator of

„Woah, I just read all this and it knocked me off my seat. I was blown away by how thorough you were with it, man! Thanks so much for being so honest and even giving me the feelings you had about different sections.“ — Sam Shennan, creator of personalized gift artworks at

„This is such a great read and great feedback! Much of what I was hoping for is in there, which is good. [...] This is a great rundown and very fair, well done :)“ — Cory Miller, creator of

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