No way to remove the Notification Center icon out of the menu bar in . Really?


launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchAgents/

killall NotificationCenter

Didn't work. Any suggestions?

Official answer from the customer support is: There is no official way to remove the Notification Center icon from the menu bar in the very right. Whether 3rd party applications offer that function, is up to them and not Apple's responsibility.

@naii i actually use an application called 'bartender'. it can control what shows & does not show in the menu bark. apart from the spotlight thing

@lewislepton Yes, Bartender is great. I use it myself but after the upgrade to High Sierra (from Sierra) the notification center icon doesn't want to move out of the menu bar :( - and the spotlight icon you can actually move out of the menu bar. Which Bartender version do you use?

@naii latest version. on sierra. dont really want to upgrade OS since my computer is just getting older each time

@lewislepton Yes, I see. I also didn't need to upgrade but now done is done. I will see what the Apple support is going to tell me tomorrow - I don't expect much but I'm open to surprises (like a nice terminal command ^^)

@naii aye, a good command code is fun. if there are commands i use a lot, i make an alfred workflow, so they are quickly executed when needed

@lewislepton Speaking of Alfred and the functionality of workflows, I'm aware of Alfred but can you tell me one good example (your favorite) of how you use the workflows that really helps your productivity?

@naii got scripts that can show/hide hidden files, one which can create new file which then open to edit.
also got ones that copy code & post it on hastebin & copies the url link.
plus a few more.

i bought the uber edition, free lifetime upgrades & nice to help the devs 😉

@lewislepton Alright, the show/hide hidden files I like. I remember I used an Apple Script for that. It's smoother with Alfred, and in fact I just bought it (also the Mega Supporter one) :)

@naii ive been using it for years & am possibly not even using 10% of what it can do

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