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Alexander Kluge 🐣 @naii

The possible psychology of a worker with a Monday to Friday job and the weekend off:

Saturday = „Great! It’s weekend.“ (He/She realizes it’s weekend)

Sunday = „Yeah! I can do whatever I want!“ (He/She discovers new things inside him/her, explores, plays and toys around enjoying him-/herself.)

Monday-Friday = He/She loses his/her enthusiasm again. What was a colorful parrot on the weekend became a gray mouse again.

Repeats until 65 (or whatever the state thinks is the right age for pension).

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@naii no this is accurate but i don't know what to do about it. i need secure income to live.

@rdh Sure, a safe income is crucial for your well-being. But you can still build up assets that play in your favor and will make you money eventually. There's one guy I know personally, Sean McCabe, who wrote a book exactly about the topic of having the security of a day job but still "going wild" with your passion / art / craft. He calls this technique simply "Overlap". You can have a look here: :)