The Trifecta of Productivity

Living like a monk is a tool. I’m using aspects of the monk lifestyle for my own benefit. It’s not because I particularly enjoy being in solitude (I actually enjoy being surrounded by people, just not all the time) but I want to use elements of this lifestyle to shape my attitude in terms of being more productive (and more mindful).

Solitude is the beginning, there are more elements that put me into a mindset of wanting to get shit created:

Harmony leads to happiness?

A late-night conversation (chat) got me thinking about happiness. The morning after I remembered the words that resonated with me on what it means to be happy:

You need to be happy now, not in 5 years, not when X happens or when a baby is born or when Trump gets shot.

Wise words from my last year's 3-week survival trip in Cuba (English translation below)

No confundas mi personalidad
Con mi actitud…

Mi personalidad es quien soy
Y mi actitud depende
De quien seas tu

Don’t confuse my personality
with my attitude

My personality is who I am
and my attitude depends
on who you are

Living like a monk - my take on essentialism

Takeaway: In a world of opportunities and options, knowing what’s good for you and what you really need for your well-being can be hidden. The more you can choose the harder your life can get. Options then become distractions and distractions lead you away from your essential being. Inspired by my view on how monks live I found my current best way of living, I’m calling it essentialism.

Hi, it’s Alex from stolenvoice. I’m currently exploring 🦁 Madagascar. I’ll be back on October 4, 2018.

Meanwhile, I’m wishing you an adventurous time :)

Take care,
- Alex :)

Cuban bicitaxi driver teaches you about marketing

In Cienfuegos (Cuba) I was walking on a sidewalk. It was midday and the sun was brutal. A bicitaxi driver (I’m calling him Yolando) approached me and asked if I needed a ride.

I denied.

In addition to the topic of productivity, here's my ideal productivity routine (as a wallpaper to download) combined with Sean McCabe's "3-Month Guide to Waking Up at 6am Consistently"

The mindset that has kept me going for about two years:

1. Save money
2. Build assets
3. Pay with cash the life I want

That was my essential and most important takeaway from Anton Kreil's "10 Secrets to Achieve Financial Success" and it's been my daily mantra for roughly two years. Half a year ago, I wrote a note to remind myself about it. So, whenever I'm sitting at my desk it's right in front of me (see attached photo).

„SELF DISCIPLINE is the center of all material success“

I’m not a big fan of the cult around celebrities but hearing the message about how crucial self-discipline is out of Will Smith’s mouth has a strong impact on me, just like when listening to Toni Robbins’s words.

Here’s the transcript of what Will Smith was saying:

A dude screamed to me the other night,

> Hey Will, I want to be an actor, man.
> I want to be an actor just like you.

My personal strategy for a productive day

A productive day is both soul-fulfilling and goal-achieving - „Achievement without fulfillment won’t make you“ (T. Robbins). Therefore, a productive day takes care of my physical health and sanity, it makes sure I get the MIT (most important thing) of the day done and allows me to work on building new and nourishing existing business assets. A productive is a rich day, enriching so it’s adding value to my life and business.

My thing is to promote Indie makers and their projects, primarily through voiceover, but I'm cool sharing a link.

So, here's a guy with a 9-to-5 day job who's becoming a professional full-time musician.

Check megabyteGhost and his first episode

Prepare to win the lottery

Success as a voiceover is a matter of practicing daily, caring about people, sharing what you learned and teaching what you know.

But as voice actor you’re a solo business owner as well. You’re setting business goals and envisioning yourself in a particular place working with particular people on a particular project and receiving appreciation for that.

Price is a filter (and a fishing net with holes)

As a professional voiceover, you define or at least help define the price of the service for your clients.

Imagine that marketing your voiceover service worked as a fishing net, and your price defined how many holes the net could have.

If your net had only a few holes you would catch a good amount of fish, even the very tiny ones.

But if your net had many holes you wouldn’t get as many fish, only the bigger and very big fish would be caught.

Can you be nicer today? One question can make you be

Voiceover is a people industry. Though much of your time is happening solo in the booth, it’s about stories told by people (through voice) for people to connect with things and people.

It’s so much about people that being nice to each other is a no-brainer. In theory, it is, in practice as well?

Self-direction helps you make better decisions!

Self-direction is a practice in voiceover for those artists who record on their own. It’s common. But how you actually apply self-direction is different for every artist.

Personally, I say out loud having a dialogue with myself. An outside person would be inclined to send me directly to a mental hospital but those who self-direct probably know what I mean.

Summary for TL;DR: Learn to write, speak and bodily present properly to communicate clearly and effectively

In addition:

Trying, not omission of trying, makes you wise. The mean to trial is the experiment. The attempt is the basic tool of modern times.

via Nadine Nobile on LinkedIn -


Versuch, nicht Unterlassung macht klug. Das Mittel dazu ist das Experiment. Der Versuch ist das Grundwerkzeug der Moderne.

Give your feet the peeling they deserve

It’s common for a voiceover to stand while recording, sometimes for hours. Though you enjoy the performance your feet have to do hard work, and it’s easy to forget how important they are (if you had a leg injury and needed an operation you know what I mean).

Not only do you stand on your feet. They also balance your posture and make sure you’re stable. If your feet are out of balance, mal-shaped or untrained it affects your whole body.

Human DNA contains banana 🍌 DNA but what if a banana starts looking like a 🦒 giraffe?!

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