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Prepare to win the lottery

Success as a voiceover is a matter of practicing daily, caring about people, sharing what you learned and teaching what you know.

But as voice actor you’re a solo business owner as well. You’re setting business goals and envisioning yourself in a particular place working with particular people on a particular project and receiving appreciation for that.

Price is a filter (and a fishing net with holes)

As a professional voiceover, you define or at least help define the price of the service for your clients.

Imagine that marketing your voiceover service worked as a fishing net, and your price defined how many holes the net could have.

If your net had only a few holes you would catch a good amount of fish, even the very tiny ones.

But if your net had many holes you wouldn’t get as many fish, only the bigger and very big fish would be caught.

Can you be nicer today? One question can make you be

Voiceover is a people industry. Though much of your time is happening solo in the booth, it’s about stories told by people (through voice) for people to connect with things and people.

It’s so much about people that being nice to each other is a no-brainer. In theory, it is, in practice as well?

Self-direction helps you make better decisions!

Self-direction is a practice in voiceover for those artists who record on their own. It’s common. But how you actually apply self-direction is different for every artist.

Personally, I say out loud having a dialogue with myself. An outside person would be inclined to send me directly to a mental hospital but those who self-direct probably know what I mean.

Summary for TL;DR: Learn to write, speak and bodily present properly to communicate clearly and effectively

In addition:

Trying, not omission of trying, makes you wise. The mean to trial is the experiment. The attempt is the basic tool of modern times.

via Nadine Nobile on LinkedIn -


Versuch, nicht Unterlassung macht klug. Das Mittel dazu ist das Experiment. Der Versuch ist das Grundwerkzeug der Moderne.

Give your feet the peeling they deserve

It’s common for a voiceover to stand while recording, sometimes for hours. Though you enjoy the performance your feet have to do hard work, and it’s easy to forget how important they are (if you had a leg injury and needed an operation you know what I mean).

Not only do you stand on your feet. They also balance your posture and make sure you’re stable. If your feet are out of balance, mal-shaped or untrained it affects your whole body.

Human DNA contains banana 🍌 DNA but what if a banana starts looking like a 🦒 giraffe?!

Upgraded from the iPhone 5 to iPhone X, after five years, and wanted a screen protector. Saw good Amazon ratings for what Sparin offers.

Today the screen protector arrived.

A bit thicker than I thought but the installation kit is great incl. video

"to get smarter, you need to get surprised, think in new ways, and deeply understand different perspectives."

If you're unsure whether you're a manager type of person or a more of a maker, I recommend you give this a read: - see also the quote I highlighted in the screenshot

Personally, I knew before that I tend to be more a maker person. The article confirmed my feeling with a solid explanation. It's good to know what kind of person you are :P

One of his strongest scenes in Suits (S04E10): Louis Litt confronting Jessica and demanding his name on the wall "Pearson-Specter-Litt". Similarly strong as the "Stay out of my territory" scene in Breaking Bad ( - can't forget both scenes.

Sky is lazy and didn't even finish painting everything in blue. Nature is such a procrastinator and prefers to take its time.

Another source added to my

Though the title of the video ("Jim Carrey's Message from the Illuminati!") is arguably bad I like the content Jim Carrey is conveying.

I agree with the idea that you don't exist but you put layers on top of your physical existence to create an identity. These layers seem to make you important but you're actually not.

This goes hand in hand with what Fernando Pessoa said: "To act is to exile oneself." (Book of Disquiet)

Sweet! Create and share beautiful images of your source code.

A reminder of the types of dashes and how to type them on a Mac:

1) -
2) –
3) —

1) hyphen
2) En dash
3) Em dash

1) Hit the Hyphen Key
2) Hold Option + the Hyphen Key
3) Hold Option + Shift + the Hyphen Key

This interview with Quincy Jones is a Bible of Music Wisdom - with many references to quality productions and straight talk. Learned a ton only reading it and following the mentioned reference points, like the value of Jazz music and African influence.