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Alexander Kluge 🐣

The goes into hibernation for 28 days because today I started working to list the Best Recording Studios to Perform for Voice Artists. Follow the progress here: or the hashtag . See you when I’ll ship the product. I have no idea how good or bad it’ll be, and I’m scared it’s going to suck… :(

Together but independent. I see many forms of addiction like being part of a thing whereas you lose the freedom to say „No“ to it. It’s a sick dependence because you neglect that you are complete already as Colin Wright knows: 🌊

That new person you met is super different from how you pictured him or her, and you’re surprised. Why do you judge a person by liking or disliking? That’s why I encourage to just meet a person, no big prior thinking, interact and see where it goes. Be fair. 🌊

You’re the new face with the same stories. But that’s not a problem. Your audience heard before what you said but they don’t mind because you say it in a different way. So, use your newness and fresh approach until the juice is over. When it is, revamp yourself. 🌊

Do not imitate what mass media does because you as an indie content producer have an advantage: You know every one of your readers, at least the email address. You can contact them directly. Use that and stay in touch with your audience - always! 🌊

It's official! My voice was stolen please return ;) When returned, I can voice genuine characters and strong commercial copy so you bond with your listeners sustainably (because voice sticks).

Pausing is key to progress with your project. When you pause you create rhythm (of work and no work), like the up and down movement when you ride a horse, or a sine curve. If you pause, you give time to grow and you create a habit allowing a flow state, always. 🌊

How to belong to a group but still stand out? Tough question to answer, and there’s no one solution. Try to ignore what doesn’t interest you, find your kind of people in special-interest groups or found your own remixed tribe that covers all your interests. 🌊

Switching between 2 projects is hard. Each project deserves a different state of mind and way of thinking. So why not take a 10-15 minute walk when you’re done with the 1st project and return to work on the 2nd? It’s as energizing as the start into a new day. 🌊

Seeing children playing, screaming, having fun in the courtyard during the morning break I was reminded that not only at school but at work can you feel caged. That’s why you need a regular escape - getting out of routine and patterns to try out new things. 🌊

Imagine it’s done. This helps to solve problems, enforcing particular end results in sports or business (because you’re seeing yourself succeed), and it’s great for the product on your landing page where you talk how the version to ship will benefit the person. 🌊

An experiment: I'm selling all my stuff to kick off a life and I'm using all my copywriting skills I learned at Copy Giraffe to sell at the best price - for everything I want to get rid off. I'll update you how it goes:

For some reason, this video about a small country (2 Mio. people; only slightly greater than Fiji in size) gained popularity. I made it in 2015 to encourage people to to Slovenia

Up until today almost 23K views and 42 % of them watched until the end. Also, the Slovenians I spoke to liked it because Slovenia usually is under-represented. Therefore, it's good to lift it and them on the pedestal for a bit :)

Be unscrupulously content. I don’t mean being cocky. When you are content with no scruples, no blocks, you are A) accepting who you are (and who not) and B) calmly radiating confidence. Also, you don’t shy away from showing how good you feel within your skin. 🌊

Saying hi 👋 so you know who’s behind the profile. Although I have a tiny 🌊 video series I find an intro video nice and personal. Expect toots largely on and related topics but also on side interests like like (Borussia Dortmund)

Fall in love with the doing. If you have a vision for a dream outcome, fine. Store it. For now, you need to make words to works, as Seneca says. Fall in love with the Queen of Doing - fall in love with „Doinga“, yes that’s her name, and she is sexy as hell. 🌊

Began reading/updating my now page every Sunday. Quite a lot changes in only 7 days. For ex. the idea of making a product and selling it I abandoned because it was a distraction of my path. But I gave birth to Copy Giraffe 🦒 which is copywriting for profitable businesses.

You can read the whole 31 December 2017 update here:

Silent night, holy night… with greetings from the concrete jungle of East Berlin that makes a nice echo chamber.

Motion is the answer to clarity

What does the mind do? Wander. In other words: It moves.

What helps you clear your mind for a due decision? A walk, a talk, a write-up. In other words: Movement.