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Alexander Kluge 🐣

"to get smarter, you need to get surprised, think in new ways, and deeply understand different perspectives."

If you're unsure whether you're a manager type of person or a more of a maker, I recommend you give this a read: - see also the quote I highlighted in the screenshot

Personally, I knew before that I tend to be more a maker person. The article confirmed my feeling with a solid explanation. It's good to know what kind of person you are :P

One of his strongest scenes in Suits (S04E10): Louis Litt confronting Jessica and demanding his name on the wall "Pearson-Specter-Litt". Similarly strong as the "Stay out of my territory" scene in Breaking Bad ( - can't forget both scenes.

Sky is lazy and didn't even finish painting everything in blue. Nature is such a procrastinator and prefers to take its time.

Another source added to my

Though the title of the video ("Jim Carrey's Message from the Illuminati!") is arguably bad I like the content Jim Carrey is conveying.

I agree with the idea that you don't exist but you put layers on top of your physical existence to create an identity. These layers seem to make you important but you're actually not.

This goes hand in hand with what Fernando Pessoa said: "To act is to exile oneself." (Book of Disquiet)

Sweet! Create and share beautiful images of your source code.

A reminder of the types of dashes and how to type them on a Mac:

1) -
2) –
3) —

1) hyphen
2) En dash
3) Em dash

1) Hit the Hyphen Key
2) Hold Option + the Hyphen Key
3) Hold Option + Shift + the Hyphen Key

This interview with Quincy Jones is a Bible of Music Wisdom - with many references to quality productions and straight talk. Learned a ton only reading it and following the mentioned reference points, like the value of Jazz music and African influence.

Interesting exchange rates EUR to USD (and vice versa) - that domain I renewed today was cheap :P

Some of the reasons why I chose a career as a voiceover ;)

"It's fun to do voiceover work, although you still have to act. But it doesn't involve memorizing lines, and you don't have to dress up." (Stephen Root)

Smart people, I have a riddle for you that I can't solve myself. Can you solve this equation? I'm stuck. Briefing: It's not about calculating but seeing (and finding the difference between the numbers), yet I haven't come up with the missing number. Who can?

Impossible goals and people craving for interesting stories; Aaron Dowd is sharing his epiphany on the love people feel for stories and for those who have stories to tell. “Want People to Remember You? Set Huge Goals for Yourself”

Building the American Republic, Volume 1 and 2 free to download:

"Building the American Republic combines centuries of perspectives and voices into a fluid narrative of the United States."

Weather is gifting us Berliners with a first idea of Spring on February 1. Finally, some sunshine. Still no 2-digit temperatures but man sun sun sun