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Through my discovery I found that the essence of life is finding out who you are and use this certainty so that you and those around you benefit from it.

There’s a project that deals with finding who you are and how to use it to serve you and your peers. The result is self-awareness and it’s like a dream come true. That’s why the project is called PARADISE

Find out who you and use it to serve you and your peers

I’ve been doing voiceover as a part of exploring who I am. I believe that although you grow and learn over time there are seeds of interests inside you that you stimulate when new connections are made.

It means who you are is already defined but not expressed, these seeds exist in a latent or dormant manner until you awake them through new circumstances.

To help you internalize it, read it after you got up. Every day. Until you’ll have accomplished the goal you’ll have plenty of time. The longer it takes the more preparation time you have. Who said that accomplishing things should happen fast?!

Consider your dream came true and now let reality catch up which means: Work, take a break, be patient, repeat.

What’s you lottery win?

An unprepared mind will just act like a Tasmanian devil in the suit of Louis Litt.

Instead, consider your dream come true. Fill the gaps:

Today, xx / xx /20xx, I, _________, achieved my goal which is_________. Yes, I really made it.

Write it in text document or on a piece of paper. Make sure it’s always available to you. It’s your dream *goddammit*

- Breaking up with your partner because now „you can get whoever you want“. There was no other reason for you to break up. Money makes sexy, right?

- Getting wasted every day because you’re on top of the mountain and living la vida loca is just what you do. Unfortunately, now every day is always a „high“ and when everything is a high you’re on a plateau and nothing is a highlight anymore. You’re at the top of the iceberg - but you’re now also closer to the sun…

You get the idea.

- Manage to finally face your early midlife crisis which makes you end up buying that Rock ‚n‘ Roll guitar and a recording studio (because you always wanted to be a rockstar and the frontman of a band admired by everyone - although you’re a solo band, with the „bandmate“ feature of Logic Pro X you at least have a virtual friend playing drums with you - thank doG that you got all that money to buy friends)

- Move out of your apartment in the outskirts of the city and move to where the „cool kids“ are, so you can finally „play“ with them and build sand castles or just be posh.

- Quit the day job and start traveling the world

- Starting to behave like an asshole because now you have dough in the paw

- Let the world know how lucky you are having won the lottery and making clear that others are not as lucky as you and that they should feel bad about it and envy you

- Get that BMW… (I don’t actually know anything about cars)

For example: You dream to work with Morgan Freeman in a studio in Los Angeles for an animation film and you receive a nomination for a Voice Arts Award. Out of that nomination you receive so many job requests from good clients that you’re feeling swamped.

Imagine this just happened.

Your dream came true. Lottery won! Yes, you. Not a person from just another city you have never heard of.

But you’re getting anxious and stressed. There are so many options that you could do with that money…

Prepare to win the lottery

Success as a voiceover is a matter of practicing daily, caring about people, sharing what you learned and teaching what you know.

But as voice actor you’re a solo business owner as well. You’re setting business goals and envisioning yourself in a particular place working with particular people on a particular project and receiving appreciation for that.

Premium clients are harder to find but easier to turn into loyal partners once you’ve demonstrated that you work in their favor as an asset for their bottom line. Premium clients care about their success the most and they know you care about their success as well. You’re serving as a professional, as a business partner and an ally in their battle.

How high is your price and what are you willing to pay for it?

You can act as a low-price brand or choose the premium road.

Low-price clients will come and go, and there are so many that you will always find those looking for a „deal“. The fluctuation is high and there’s no room to establish a relationship because there’s no budget for that. You’re serving as a technician because low-price clients only care about tasks that got done.

Fishing nets are filters and their density of holes defines the price.

A low price encourages many people to enter. That’s why the density of holes in the net is high (you can catch much fish and will lose only a few). It’s called the Low-Price Filter.

A high price will make fewer people knock on your door. That’s why the density of holes is low (you will lose much fish but catch those that are bigger than the holes). It’s called the High-Price Filter.

Price is a filter (and a fishing net with holes)

As a professional voiceover, you define or at least help define the price of the service for your clients.

Imagine that marketing your voiceover service worked as a fishing net, and your price defined how many holes the net could have.

If your net had only a few holes you would catch a good amount of fish, even the very tiny ones.

But if your net had many holes you wouldn’t get as many fish, only the bigger and very big fish would be caught.

Fitness is important as a voiceover. That's a no-brainer. But fitness is not only working out physically, it's mentally as well. Therefore I tried meditation apps like and Calm didn't work in my browser (Safari/macOS). Headspace worked great and I recommend it!

Off-topic: I like soccer a lot! If you will watch the (as I'll do), here’s the ⚽️🏆 FIFA World Cup 2018 Lookup app that my community friend Sarah made.

Quickly find when your team is playing, check the score after each game, and more!

Dear friends and colleagues, if you’re aiming for a wealthy and prosperous life, this is one of the most important tweet sequences you’ll read. It’s not written in a manner of „get-rich-quick-scheme" but thorough and wise.


It’s not all roses and sunshine, this was the hardest episode

About the begging and hoping mentality of actors and why it's not helping anyone.

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