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How Social Media Endangers Knowledge

„It is a development that further proves the words of French philosopher Guy Debord, who wrote that, if pre-capitalism was about ‘being’, and capitalism about ‘having’, in late-capitalism what matters is only ‘appearing’—appearing rich, happy, thoughtful, cool and cosmopolitan. It’s hard to open Instagram without being struck by the accuracy of his diagnosis.“

Du bist so etepetete. Schönes deutsches Wort, das es wohl aus dem 17. Jahrhundert bis heute geschafft hat.

Thesis: Big corporations pride themselves with art using it as a business asset and benefit from its appeal to the audience but don't appreciate art.

What if this whole building a business thing is simply an invention for adults to have a playground because as a grown-up playing in a large bowl of colorful balls can be seen as not age-adequate. Who are you playing with today, Henry?

The Buddhists say “no self, no problem” because “identity is just a convention that humans came up with so we can talk about it. The whole idea is a fiction.”

Out of nothing I made my first veggie „meat ball“. Mix 1 carrot, cucumber, aubergine, tomato, 3 eggs. Salt and pepper as you wish. When mixed put in breadcrumbs (Paniermehl) and fry suavesito on the pan. Cutting the veggies was the most time-consuming part.

The issue I’m having with being employed is that someone tells you what is supposed to happen at which time.

Meaning: When there is a holiday in your country or city (i.e. not a work day), like it is tomorrow (31 October 2017) why can’t you just show up because you want to work on that particular thing? So, the lack of ownership and full responsibility for a thing is one of my main concerns with being employed.

Learning from a person you don’t like is one of the toughest lessons. What you learn: Just because you don’t like someone doesn’t mean that he/she doesn’t give value in his/her speaking, writing or doing.

A dense forest is being destroyed in order to clear land for a giant new shopping center. Over the past few weeks, you have watched as your family and friends have slowly been destroyed. As the very last remaining tree, you await your fate.

You are a coroner performing an autopsy late at night in the morgue. A thunderstorm causes the power to go out. When the backup generators restore light, the body you were operating on is gone.

The problem is not that you don’t have enough time for X: You gave control to someone else to decide how much time X should take. Take responsibility in every aspect of your life. Start with time.

You turn a vague idea into a tangible task when you set a precise goal: a specific, unambiguous thing to accomplish that has a deadline.

On Saturday I turn into an email-answering machine. It’s my day job for that day. I like my day job, most of the time.

Stoicism? „The principle that emotional and physical self-control leads to inner peace and strength, allowing one to live a happier life.“

I’m a twice-daily reader of „The Daily Stoic“ (the same page every morning + evening) and I can’t recommend it enough.

Got three new kids in town that want to be tested: (fast browser), (note-taking tool) and ("Evernote for creatives").

It’s often a good idea to re-read things, pieces like @shawnblanc’s „Show Up Every Day“ manifesto on diligence

The on-boarding process of Windows 10 using the Cortana voice assistant is pretty neat and straight forward. Even my mum was able to get it, and that means something (her not being a technical person).

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