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In a world where magic exists, but is overly complicated and yields little results, wizards struggle to secure funding for their experiments.

I want to travel the world and have an adventurous life, still I want to make progress with my voice over art and business while traveling. How can I possibly combine living my dream lifestyle (work and travel) while recording high quality audio on the road?

You find yourself with the power to time travel but the only thing you can alter in the past is people's facial hair.

After a terrible accident your body is repaired with cybernetic enhancements, making you a superhero that saves the world. After a long holiday, you return to your city to find technology has advanced and not only are you not super anymore, you're actually outdated.

Again and again, I notice that finding a structure (outline) is the hardest part when . It’s the scaffold that creates context and stability - the „big picture“. Filling the structure is fairly easy then although it does require to be the diligent „worker boy“. If you have problems with diligence, read this short manifesto ( by Shawn Blanc.

If people don’t buy from you, ask yourself:

1. Would I buy it myself?
2. Am I convinced about what I’m selling?
3. Do I trust what my products promises to deliver?

If you answer one of the three questions with „No“, ask „Why?“ until you get to the core of it. The more honest you answer the more beneficial for everyone in the long run.

The 3 most influential people in my 2017 business year were Sean McCabe (, James Clear ( and Ryan Holiday ( I’m happy to have met 2 of them in person and shake hands. Thank you 🙏

You’re unsure only when you don’t know what you’re talking about. Learn. So, you know what you’re talking about.

„Man kann in Kinder nichts hineinprügeln, aber vieles herausstreicheln.“

Weitere schöne Zitate von Astrid Lindgren zum Kindsein, Leben und Lesen hier:

My current recipe for a good life: Essentials, Life goals, Action.

1. Low level: Spot the elements in your life that make you feel good. For example: I have three (writing, walking, talking).

2. High Level: Take a good amount of time (days, weeks) to define your life goals.

3. Mid Level, the most important one because it’s the glue that connects the low level and high level. Take action!

This recipe is a draft and work in progress.

The weather inside you is in your hands, you can change it - like a God. The weather outside you cannot change. Why do you still care about it so much then?

Remember your inner weather (and therefore inner nature) can be warm, bright and welcoming while outside it’s raining and dark.

You’re weather-sensitive because you put hopes into a weather you cannot influence at all. Why not focus on your inner weather and well-being? Then, any weather outside won’t affect your inner weather anymore.

Don't feel accomplished today because most of my day I spent doing organizational / house-keeping / book-keeping stuff that added up to 8 hours. No wonder, I'm not super amazed about this Saturday. Something tells me I should find someone to help me manage part of my orga work. Hm...

New glasses, and all of a sudden I can see color contrasts again - white is white, black is black - the scratches on my old glasses that came from a bee attack in Colombia made a difference for my sight :P

„Strong people don’t put others down. They lift them up.“ - Darth Vader, Philanthropist. hahaha 😂


When you dumped your worries, fears and negative emotions down the toilet and grew a new branch out of your old tree.

This is not happiness. It’s featherness - not feeling any weight or baggage only worry-free.

Clap your hands because you achieved to be present.

Why do people snore, and is it actually healthy?

New song on the playlist for my sessions! Listen to Om Alec Khaoli - Say You Love Me on Hype Machine

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