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If your business depends on Facebook, or any other algorithm-controlled social media, you're - sooner or later - gonna have a bad time.

Hello fellow #mastodonians 🙂
Here is a short motivaional text advocating for trying the seemingly impossible.

I dedicate myself to an impossible cause.

Now that you know her a bit, tell a bit about your story. Where are you from? What languages do you speak? What’s your dream and why are you not pursuing it so it comes true?

This guy saved money for 4 years to afford traveling from Alaska to Argentina for 13 months only a bike, and he spent 7,000 euros. [German article and video ]

*What a beautiful name. Katinka was born in Kazakhstan, in the former Soviet Union. She moved to Australia at the age of 5 when her parents had the chance to start a new chapter of their life*.

A reminder of the types of dashes and how to type them on a Mac:

1) -
2) –
3) —

1) hyphen
2) En dash
3) Em dash

1) Hit the Hyphen Key
2) Hold Option + the Hyphen Key
3) Hold Option + Shift + the Hyphen Key

Sorry for those weird posts, testing is over now. Back to normal posting mode :)

Important addition: When possible add the /index.html to the URL when sharing the article.

Note to self: Very good, so the Open Graph meta data (as explained here: works very well.

Test ended.

Hey @Gargron, is there an elegant way on Mastodon to embed images as part of the URL like it's done with Twitter Cards?

Thank you for your promises. The journey can begin. Pack your stuff. You have 5 minutes. Grab only what’s essential. Oh, and before we go, let’s introduce each other. Her name is Katinka. What’s your name?

A lesson for those working in a people's industry like music, voiceover and acting: Pedestals prevent friendships

*You need to promise that you won’t stab her from the back and show yourself as vulnerable as she does. Promise? Also promise that you’ll let your dreams fly and flow and stay curious. Promise*?

The challenge is to keep up with the routine while not making it a boring experience.

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