I'm not happy with how the Wil Wheaton situation was resolved. An admin was overwhelmed with frivolous reports about him and felt forced to exile him. I've said before that I think it sets a dangerous precedent on how a large group of people can mobilize to drive anyone off the fediverse. Mob rule is universally dangerous: Mods and admins must examine evidence and decide based on wrongdoing and danger, and not on how many times someone was reported.

Crossword solution 

Some VERY Guardian answers to the Weekend crossword.

One thing I really like about the CW tag. It is a way for the poster to say: "hey I know what I'm doing here". A couple of times I've been tempted to reply in a "friendly disagreement" way, before remembering that the post was CWed, eg, "bad mental health day" or "controversial opinion". Which to me says: this person knows what they're saying, they don't need me to butt in with "hey it's not so bad!" or "hmm not sure". They're not looking for approval or disapproval. It's very grownup actually.

I have a theory of hotel species differentiation: hotels in the UK will EITHER bring you cream with your coffee for breakfast without blinking an eye OR they have Marmite. Sometimes neither but never ever both.

So far this theory has held up 💯, and extends to Ireland. The best was the Very Posh London hotel that repeatedly apologised for the previous server's error in not bringing me Marmite and then to correct this... brought me more, better and different marmalade.

Fairy doors in trees in Donegal.

Wonderful that the local Irish government is creating protected zones for fairy habitats; England has already lost so many species of native fairies.

my guy Eugen is asking for $60k a year for server upkeep, mod reimbursement, and full time developer salary. it's not uncommon for entry-level developer positions to pay upwards of $90k. help him hit $5k/month if you can afford it, he's certainly earned it patreon.com/mastodon/overview

Hello! I’m new to mastodon and stumbling around working things out. I write children’s books and work in publishing. I love comics, telly, trees and linear timelines on social media.

I'm like: why the hell does this feel so low-pressure? Ohhhhhhhhhh, no push-feed. I decide if I want to update what I'm seeing. Man, it's been a while since I got to make those choices for myself.

Home timelines should be all caught up now. Our traffic is averaging 400 req/s with occasional spikes to 1,200 req/s.

There are 23k active users on mastodon.social right now (8.7k arrived this week). Registrations are closed but invite links work. You can create an invite link from "Invite people" link or preferences page.

I have added 2 mods to the team (awaiting response from 3rd candidate), reports are being processed. Nazis can get fucked.

Lots of questions about abuse/moderation on Mastodon and how it’s different from Twitter.

This article goes into detail and explains a lot of how it works here.

Some things seem different (e.g. no global search, no ‘retweet’ with comments). But once you read the rationale behind it it makes sense.

*definitely* worth reading if you’re planning on sitting around here for a while.


It's actually quite striking how happy this little place is making me right now. Please no one start posting links to terrible news stories. Here is a photo of a recent sunset instead.

you can say "jordan peterson" on here without being given an extensive reading list of video clips to review


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