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I thought of this cause I was digging & a clump of dirt got caught on a root & thwinged off into the yard & I was like, "I can see how sports got invented"

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Can you imagine the first time, when two people were throwing around a rock or a nut or whatever, & one of them hit it with a stick and it just went suuuuper far?
Can you just imagine the looks on their faces??

I wish I had gotten better at using social media before the pandemic hit. Now it's like The Only Option many times & I don't really... know what to say.

You: how's your music going?
Me, playing with a slinky in front of my computer's screen saver: just... thinking about the nature of sound...

Yesterday I released the full version of Critters! It's a printable creature-collecting, real-world exploring game I made for a zine game jam. This release adds rare critter variations & an item shop~

are there any video game streamers who just use one of those helmet-mounted cameras like cyclists wear?

What instance should I move to? I'm weird & have no real areas of expertise

The Sound of Silence vs The Sound of Settling vs Spooky Halloween Sounds 3: 75 Minutes of Bone-Chilling Terror

bug photo, spider, jumping spider 

Old photo of the friendly bold jumping spider who lived in my house for a while a few weeks ago. Bold jumpers might be my favorite local spider...

the sun... burned me!! the sun! who I thought was my FRIEND

You ever get a paper graded so unfairly you have to immediately ratify the 27th amendment to the united states constitution?

God, at my character sheet consultation: This next Trait will make you highly attractive--
Me: I'll take it!!
God: to mosquitoes...
Me: oh noo

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ladies just can't resist my beautiful calves 😊

by ladies I mean lady mosquitoes

seeing a bird eat seeds directly off a plant brings me such joy

my jumping spider friend got caught & eaten by my cobb spider friend :(

'squirrel-proof' in quotes because naturally the real goal here is training squirrels to solve complex puzzles

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