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Slay me and tell me what my loot drops are

me: *hitting CTRL+S while editing a cloud document*

y'all my friends in Los Coulters just released a new music video and it's *animated by multiple AI's*; it's honestly one of the weirdest, coolest, & prettiest music videos I've seen -- (their human-animated videos are amazing too)

my computer should ask me permission before drawing more than 20% of the screen in a bright color

some people drive like the worst thing that can happen on the road is having to slow down & some people drive like the worst thing that can happen on the road is death

Cosmic Creator Bird, perching at the Sunflower of All Entropy, scooping out galaxseeds, throwing them on the floor ⭐ 🌌 🌟 🌀

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I can't get mad at my bird for throwing his food on the floor. He's a bird. They've got a long relationship with throwing food on the floor. Whole ecosystems have been built and destroyed by birds throwing their food on the floor.

rude to make a cupboard shelf that's just a little less than 2 cans tall

me, time traveling, trying to impress wild west folk: oh yea future's great, we got horseless buggies, flying machines, beef made entirely out of beans
some ruffian: ya got can openers that don't break after 15 cans?
me: oh, uh... no. no haven't quite figured that one out yet

compost piles are like trash bins except instead of animals getting into them it's plants getting out of them

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I thought of this cause I was digging & a clump of dirt got caught on a root & thwinged off into the yard & I was like, "I can see how sports got invented"

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Can you imagine the first time, when two people were throwing around a rock or a nut or whatever, & one of them hit it with a stick and it just went suuuuper far?
Can you just imagine the looks on their faces??

I wish I had gotten better at using social media before the pandemic hit. Now it's like The Only Option many times & I don't really... know what to say.

You: how's your music going?
Me, playing with a slinky in front of my computer's screen saver: just... thinking about the nature of sound...

Yesterday I released the full version of Critters! It's a printable creature-collecting, real-world exploring game I made for a zine game jam. This release adds rare critter variations & an item shop~

are there any video game streamers who just use one of those helmet-mounted cameras like cyclists wear?

What instance should I move to? I'm weird & have no real areas of expertise

The Sound of Silence vs The Sound of Settling vs Spooky Halloween Sounds 3: 75 Minutes of Bone-Chilling Terror

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