I've started a small tradition at Puma - if you're a new "supercontributor" (roughly ~5+ commits in a release) you get to name the next minor version. Thanks for all the contributions of @mycaseinc@twitter.com's Chris LaRose. Puma 5.1 will be named "At Your Service" github.com/puma/puma/pull/2491

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some xoogler: rails doesn't scale
me: git hub dot com

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Anyway, I hope you enjoy. If you already have the CGRP but want more detail, more direction and more material, this is a great upgrade.

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I'm also happy it's available as a recording. One thing I learned from dozens and dozens of live events is that people don't learn at the same speeds. Some skip ahead, some need to rewind a few times. This new format allows everyone to work at their own pace.

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I'm really happy with this new edition. It's delivered entirely via free software (GPL-licensed CLI client). You can try the client right now: $ gem install rpw && rpw list

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Launching: The Rails Performance Workshop. After 2 years of preparation, it's finally available online. 6 hours of all-new HD video. 10 hands-on exercises. Guided "pull request program". Delivered via CLI. Available now. speedshop.co/rails-performance

There was a point in time where you could walk around the East Village and literally do this @jjmalina@twitter.com @hursh@twitter.com @mishaponizil@twitter.com

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Remember when "all Ruby programmers listen to dubstep" was a meme?

(it's also not actually single malt it's blended that's why its cheap)

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Toki is maybe my favorite “cheap” whiskey in the USA right now

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Single malt and code tonight on the eve of the new Workshop launch. I feel like I’m in college again.

Finally! Someone did it!

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Link: Rubyist — Powerful iOS automation for Ruby enthusiasts. rubyist.app/?s=09

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Poll #2: What is the default program you have set to open .md files? To test, use $ touch somefile.md && open somefile.md (or xdg-open on Linux).

Poll: what does `echo $EDITOR` return from your CLI of choice?

it's shocking to me that they haven't put 2 and 2 together here yet

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