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Tell me when you first used the Web without giving a date.

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One of the very underestimated aspects to consider when choosing a new technology is “are the people who currently use this absolutely insufferable online”

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The right: “Run government like a business!”
Government: “OK, we’re gonna fund the IRS and traffic cops until marginal revenue is less than marginal cost.”
The right: “wait no not like that”

rspec still doesn’t support rails 6 parallel testing… what are people doing instead?

Unlimited mode on AWS means that your workloads won’t get slowed down, but you will definitely end up spending more money than if you had just used a constant-perf instance and auto scaling.

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Burstable instances are not appropriate for web applications. T3 instances explicitly have 40% baseline performance - that’s not good for a workload that should be pretty much constant. Use constant-performance instances and use auto scaling to deal with changes in load.

Tolkien said that war was “utter stupid waste... not only material but moral and spiritual" and that in WWII "we are attempting to conquer Sauron with the ring”.

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We just raised $450M in Series D funding for Anduril. It will be used to turn American and allied warfighters into invincible technomancers who wield the power of autonomous systems to safely accomplish their mission. Our future roadmap is going to blow you away, stay tuned!

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.@WikiEducation@twitter.com blogged about the work we've been doing together and their new Hashistack-based deployment (Nomad, Consul, Waypoint): wikiedu.org/blog/2021/06/16/a-

Yo if you want authentic West African food in NYC go to Voila Afrique. I've spent a lot of time in Ghana and this stuff tastes like they cooked it in Accra and flew it over sharply chale

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52,937 RPS on Intercom's Rails monolith at 14:01 UTC today. We're coming for you GitHub! 😀 twitter.com/nateberkopec/statu

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I put a few bids in on production anime cels here, a neat auction! Some gems in there if you have unique early anime interests comics.ha.com/c/auction-home.z

Rails scaaaaales

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GitHub processes 2.8 billion API requests per day, peaking at 55k rps. Lots of busy bots. 🤖

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Reddit appears to be going with the “if I call it something else, it’s not a crime” legal theory here, which has brought you classics like “I’m not driving, officer, I’m _travelling_, so no I do not need a driver’s license!”

Engineers get really enamored by “eventing” or pub/sub strategies but then build stuff that only gets used by one producer and one consumer. It should be a refactoring, not a starting strategy.

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🎉 New Episode! This week, Steph chats with @nateberkopec@twitter.com about all things performance, how he became known as the "The Rails Speed Guy," publishing content, working on workshops, and contributing to open source projects. 🏎💨


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My first job was at a startup that was providing exactly this: stripe.com/identity ... 10 years ago.

Addendum: This does not necessarily mean 1 tenant == 1 customer all the time. Often you have a "shared environment" where customers start, and then they "graduate" to single tenancy.

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I’ve seen B2B companies scale really easily with “single tenant” strategies - each (big) customer gets their own databases, their own pool of web servers, etc. it reduces the blast radius of problems, but also increases headroom to scale DBs vertically.

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