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That's it everyone, my timeline is now tuned (chef kiss) perfectly

@Gargron @enkiv2 @kitkat @eq

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Thanks Computer, I needed that

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So uh hello everyone, meet my (literal) big brother @pdcull .

He's been working with at-risk teenagers in the favelas of Brazil for the last 20 years; is a certified CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) trainer and Emergency Manager; is studying for a Masters in Emergency Management with a special focus on empowering communities to develop resilience.

He has seen a bit of crap in his time (corrupt cops, drug dealers etc) so he can *probably* cope with you all.


Be nice.

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Band name: The Hyperbolic Paranoids

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Tired: mere hexadecimal
Wired: hexadecimal with diacritics

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This one is so infuriating, why isn't this illegal?
A disposable charger available at #Tesco that does contain a rechargeable lithium battery but isn't designed to recharge.

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Large BBC sound effects library is now available for free download for personal, educational, research & non-commercial use

There are about 16,000 clips

Welp, there goes Shania Twain's attempted comeback career.

Dear Reader of our News Site:

You've read your last complimentary article this month.

As a result, this one has had all the nouns replaced with 'you' and all the verbs replaced with Shakespearean insults.

You're *very* welcome.

<<When Sean Hannity was named in court this week as a client of Donald Trump’s embattled legal fixer Michael Cohen, the Fox News host insisted their discussions had been limited to the subject of buying property.>>

<<thousands of pages of public records reviewed by the Guardian.. link Hannity to a group of shell companies that spent at least $90m on more than 870 homes in seven states over the past decade.. spread across more than 20 shell companies formed in Georgia >>

<<The Finnish tax authorities are in a leading position when it comes to cryptocurrency analytics worldwide. The Finnish tax authorities have provided consulting for organizations responsible for taxation in many countries.>>

<< inspector general Timo Puiro from the Finnish tax office states that they have identified over 3,300 finns that should pay tax for cryptocurrency trading. .. The estimated gains by residents of Finland amounts to a hundred Million euros for 2017. Roughly 30 Million of this should be paid to the state in the form of capital tax. These numbers are ten times higher than they were in 2016. >>

(It's not quite a startup, and I'm wondering if it's just me that this branding strikes totally the wrong way. Will be interesting to see.)

also thing is this is a country where

a) we have a MAJOR dairy industry, like we EXPORT it

b) we have imported cheeses but they're a prestige item.

c) so you're gonna do 'cheap low-budget no-class cheese imports' to the place that's swimming in local cheese and make that your thing and THEN have a name that HIGHLIGHTS that you might get horribly sick and die

Your major food product launch only lives once, so why even spellcheck your slogan

h/t @wrenpile

I mean some actual ad agency actually presumably signed off on this

it's just, a tiny startup selling *cheap imported* foods, to New Zealand, from countries with, uh, less of an emphasis on food safety, where things have gone wrong before, you might wanna not draw attention

have they forgotten 2015? it wasn't them, but

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If you see ?utm_source and a bunch of other gibberish at the end of a shared URL, go ahead and just take off everything starting with the ?

This is Google Analytics tracking information.

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@natecull I might indluge if I only knew how.

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@natecull This is interesting timing, I _just_ worked this out for myself yesterday!

When I was a kid we used the term "ban-gardaí" to refer to female police. It's archaic now (similar to WPC in the UK).

Then I remembered "Cnoc na Sí" is "Hill of the Fairies" and put two and two together than Banshee is just "female fairy". (Where the Irish definition of fairy is a lot more mean than people are used to in contemporary culture).

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