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Nate Cull @natecull

Today I learned:

Angora rabbits and Angora goats and are both called that because they come from Ankara, Turkey.

I'd been wondering what the connection between two different animals was...

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Hacked in Translation – from Subtitles to Complete Takeover

Check your video player for vulnerabilities and upgrade.

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@lightweight A nice summary, except I would point out something that's maybe not obvious today because language has changed.

The 'corporatism' that Mussolini advocated was something rather different than control of society by private businesses. It was more like a labour guild system where government, business and non-government, non-profit associations representing all social classes theoretically acted together.

It looked great in theory, but...

How does Bruce Wayne fight cybercrime?

With .BAT files

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My cat todo list for tonight was:

* Make the badly closed soap bottle fall from the counter
* Eat all the soap on the floor
* Eat some cat food
* Puke bubbly cat food on the coatch

Everything is done. She can sleep now.

@tetron Eg: if we have a root 'environment' object, then the name 'cat' is also an *attribute name* of that environment object; the name 'likes' is an attribute name of the 'cat' object; the name 'tuna' is an attribute name of the 'cat likes' object... and so on.

So sets of lists seen as sets of logical assertions seem to break down into sets of pairs rather than triples.

@tetron The idea I'm coming from here is that attributes of objects are logical statements, so, eg:

(cat colour black)
(cat colour white)

are both logical statements representing something like an object; they *could* be mapped as an object structure like

{cat: {colour: {black: nil, white: nil}}}

but this mapping is not quite exact in some corner cases.

Then we can have non-triple statements like

(cat likes tuna strongly)

Which are the 'attributes' here? All of them.

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@natecull Oh, just seen it's not an installable feature with Server 2016 anymore: ``The Server installation option is now “Server with Desktop Experience” and has the shell and Desktop Experience installed by default.´´ (Other installation option seems Server Core.)

Nazis plus Confederates plus terrorists plus riots plus hardcore destroy-everyone-without-a-job capitalism plus automate-away-all-the-jobs techno-libertarianism plus zero-privacy-except-for-the-security-elite always-online cloud computing plus rising sea levels

minus housing minus savings minus healthcare minus bees minus trees minus coral reefs minus icecaps minus antibiotics minus herd immunity.

That seems to be our baseline near-midterm future right now.

Now, how will we get through it?

I reckon all attestation could prove is that 1) you're running an approved Microsoft OS, and 2) you're in a domain.

Useful, perhaps, to prevent moving a shut-down VM outside of your corporation, and that's not nothing.

Will it help you if you're running in a public cloud? I find it hard to understand how.

I wonder how well Hyper-V's Shielded VMs feature works.

Of course if you don't control the TPM...

@galaxis Not sure if joking but... There is neither a Role nor a Feature called Desktop Experience, no.

Would be really neat though if there was one to just remove!

Doctor Who Extremis Show more

Hey, someone wrote a sci-fi novel about the original Pocket Organiser!

Remember, if you shoot for the Moon and miss, you orbit for centuries in blackest vacuum as a terrifying haunted ghost spaceship before plunging to atomic doom in a cosmic fireball

That's... actually rather metal, isn't it.

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Be the civilisation-threatening AI you wish to see in the world