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Ubuntu wants to slurp PCs' vital statistics – even location – with new desktop installs

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Remembered that yesterday we were talking about how "the Terminator" (the antagonist in T2) ended up taking over the main character role in the later seasons of the X-Files

and then took that thought literally

"I need your clothes, your boots, and your aliens"

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@natecull is a good instance for PSI-related stuff.

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oh, sorry, I started to reply and then realized that you weren't talking about

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@natecull screw what other people think; it depends if *you* fall into one of two camps:

1. you are an indivisible self and you will post things that you want to post (apply CWs as needed; but don't overuse them either)

2. you have multiple aspects representing a facet of self; people interested in an aspect will follow just that

pick the one that matches you!

A meta question for my new and old fedifriends:

I'm wondering if I need multiple instances.

I have an interest in ESP / PSI stuff which I suspect might offend/bore/annoy people on my main account and I don't want to put it behind CWs.

Is there an instance that anyone knows about that's keen on psi type stuff?

or should I just go ahead and spam my main timeline and piss everyone off?

Or is this subject perhaps better discussed off Mastodon entirely?

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"WeWork is promoting a mythology for those in the brave new gig economy: You, precarious worker who will never have a pension, are not a simple cog in a machine. Your work is not merely labour, for which you deserve decent pay and security, but an extension of your personality. You’re doing what you love and paying $500 per month for the desk from which to do it."
Let's hatch a #cooperative alternative!

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Hi I'm Olivia and I've played the same 10 games for about 5 years.

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"Split Wood Not Atoms" is a pretty great song too. Quintessential 80s anti-nuclear-war stuff.

"A real estate bomb / The property stays, but the people are gone"

has a new edge to it in the era of hyper-gentrification.

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Watching 2014 TV reality show 'Gem Hunt' and just cringing at how it portrays Americans: as greedy, bullying, self-obsessed capitalists trolling the Cambodian underworld for resources to plunder, willing to burn every friendship for profit.

Scary thing is I don't think the show was aware of how it was coming across! That it was broadcasting 'don't ever deal with an American' to the world.

US Reality TV is like reverse propaganda.

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You wake up one day and find your social media feed unnervingly full of articles from all the big newspapers about how it would be good and safe and moral to erase transmissions from outer space without ever listening to them, because they would definitely be full of dangerous memetic payloads that would irreversibly turn everyone who listened to them into a monomaniacal berserker, definitely not anything good, if such messages were ever even received, which has definitely never happened yet

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@jbond These tales about privatization always being more efficient or cheaper are always a lie. I'm ancient enough that I remember slogans like this being used in the late 1980s about the selloffs of gas, water and electricity generation, then later in the 1990s the same happening for the railways. None of the promises and supposed benefits actually materialized.

Privatization is really about monopoly and the capture of profits from that. It's also about strategies for limiting the power of organized labour (workers typically have a lot less influence in privatized companies). If a commodity is something which you can't do without then potentially very large profits can be made from that. It's an extractive exercise. The strip-mining of the value which the society creates, in a trickle-up direction.

This 1989 (Usenet, I guess) post is pretty good.

<<In the course of this review, one of our engineers noticed a rather serious defect -- if the launch command system was tested, the missile would be in a state of readiness for launch. If the "test" switch was then returned to "operate" without individually resetting the control systems in each missile that had been tested, they would all immediately erect and launch!>>

And then magnetic cores deposited onto sheets of glass - for CPU register storage.

The pre-silicon era was just amazing. (And slow).