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“The world is indeed full of peril, and in it there are many dark places; but still there is much that is fair, and though in all lands love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater.”
J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

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@enkiv2 @deshipu @Elizafox @skquinn @Irick after years of watching coders be overridden by management without recourse to a professional body for ethical and competent rules, I am fully prepared to support a guild to bar entry into the profession, provided that the guild backs up the coders when terrible decisions are refused to be implemented, along with encoding that into law, like medicine or engineering.

@jalefkowit but why are you tooting while you EEAGH you just nearly hit that truck, man are you trying to get us all killed

@Modern_Industrial Like Jessica Jones, only with MUCH more drinking and regrets.

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@wrenpile Not just 'coddling' but official Microsoft tools that actively resist being run without both administrative rights and Internet access.

Our general staff accounts at work have been low-priv for years. We've recently decoupled admin and Internet on our IT machines and good lord, is it a painful experience.

Microsoft still ship EXE installers that have to run as admin, and then download random binaries from the Web and execute them. SQL Server, for instance. Madness. But here we are.

Loved meeting T'Challa; stoked for Black Panther. The sense of a wider, connected world is more fun than just punching people.

Hot Aunt May is a little scary though. Aunts May should not be hot. This is just one of the laws of the Multiverse.

I did love how this movie - even more than Ultron which was supposedly 'bigger' - seemed to be a nexus point for a dozen small MCU plotlines. It felt like a lot to take in but not overstuffed; like an actual comic book with lots of talking that just trusted you to know all the backstory. Everything that happened (except the fights) felt true and mattered to both characters and the world; which neither Iron Man 3 nor Ultron quite did.

@inmysocks @dredmorbius I think we need a completely separate, civilian, trustworthy infosec agency. Probably without secrecy, because we tried that and it very quickly got subverted.

Yay, finally watched Captain America: Civil War, or as I like to call it, Avengers: Age of Ouchin'

I think maybe I have now seen enough buildings blown up and punched tbrough in superhero movies to last for a few years. Can we stop doing this now?

Or at least greenlight a spinoff about the insurance and real estate agents who have to deal with Avengers Incidents.

@inmysocks @dredmorbius Yep, they've screwed us pretty badly and definitely have not made the Net safer.

@gcupc @dredmorbius I think because it's not just using March patches; it's harvesting in-memory admin credentials to spread laterally, and at least initially it was injected straight into a Ukrainian accounting system's autoupdate mechanism.

Someone really disliked Ukraine and the rest is collateral, I think.

@inmysocks @dredmorbius It's not NSA who wrote the vulnerable code. Probably wasn't NSA that first found it, either. NSA is messing up a lot of things, but the problem of unfit-for-purpose critical digital infrastructure is bigger than even them.

I don't know the solution but I think this stuff is going to get worse before it gets better.

@dredmorbius Yep, it seems the port of Auckland NZ is affected by the Maersk thing. And Cadburys NZ because of Cadbury UK.

The really sad part is, this is an actual plot point from an authentic Disney entertainment product produced in the last ten years.

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every day,
a leaf that fell off
the tree of our life.

spring passed before we knew it,
sobbing quietly and all maladroit
a long hot adult summer,
passionate, tempered, enduring
the slow turning of the leaves tells us of our impending fall,
and parents smile as they pass into winter.

another hour
another leaf cracking in the gust of time

@Groleo Yeah. OOP (especially prototype OO like JavaScript) has a nice answer to this because a type is just a class, and a class is just an object. So if you can make a new object, you can make a new type. Job pretty much done.

Compiler-oriented functional programming systems like Haskell, though, have a bit of a difficult road to even explain what a type *is* when it's something that maybe vanishes once the compiler has run.

I'm actually secretly kind of glad that everything is so full of security holes, because once the cloud AIs replace all us sysadmins, hacking the satellite GPS uplink on driverless Amazon Whole Foods trucks will probably be our only source of nutrients and shelter.

So on second thoughts, please, do go ahead shipping all your software without rigorous Coq validation.

Future-me thanks you in advance.

I mean I copied them off first! But I probably can't copy them back, because lol Windows Phone's USB Mass Storage class implementation.