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Nate Cull, a ghost in spring

"Exploratory ship" might not even be the best medium to tell the kind of stories our real future is about. Exploration is already an anachronism; it's James Cook in space (1700s), and that elides all the framework of commerce and conquest in which those voyages of discovery took place. And centuries worth of what came afterwards.

The whole framework of Trek comes from Forbidden Planet, I think. That one story has been very fruitful. But it's still just one story.

... it would probably have to be all humans, I guess, maybe some gene-engineering. Aliens would either be Really Alien (contact taking decades to parse a basic language) or else we discover a pre-existing human galactic society and that might be worse: figure out what the cultural impact of essentially meeting God is gonna be. Don't have to get it right, just have a position other than 'everyone just went meh'. Unless that *is* your position.

I want a Star Trek -alike that takes science a bit literally.

I dunno if that's possible at all, because decades of TV storytelling and visual expectations, but..

.. like, drones and automation for a start. We know how computers work now. You don't risk crew when you can help it. And economics and politics. Figure out how your Federation works (lost colonies? a war? recession or recovery?) and what the consequences of universe-breaking discoveries are.

Who profits? Who governs? Why? etc.

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Good lord!

New Zealand has a center-left government! With a shiny new young woman PM! Ending 9 years of frankly not very good center-right rule.

We had the election a few weeks back, but we have proportional representation, so one tiny centrist party got to pick which major party to go with. Winston Peters picked Labour.

I was NOT expecting Winston to do a good thing.

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Once up on a time, before my brain had been *entirely* swallowed up by Twitter, one of the most productive public writing tools I used was Dave Winer's OPML Editor with a daily outline always open on my desktop ready to capture thoughts.

Kind of like Twitter in terms of ease & immediacy. It posted straight to the web with a CTRL-S. But, I could revise & delete & edit until it was just right. It was a daily artifact that I added to and shaped over the course of hours.

Episode 2, still magically failing to suck.

I think the premise is not "haha Star Trek is stupid" but "what if people were still human in the 23rd century"

That was... actually a rather nice pilot? The characters were warm and human?

I was not expecting a Seth MacFarlane show that didn't suck.

This is a new strange universe

oh no help I have discovered The Orville

ATTENTION: You just plugged a device into the audio Jack.

You don't even like music Jack.

We don't even talk anymore Jack.

What's going in with you right now Jack.

Case jacked one lobe into Mastodon c-space while the other cracked the Sense/Net kernel shell

He was a rooting, tooting software cowboy

Maybe she was born with it.
Maybe it's Memorex.

"Schnappviecher" part of the Wilder Mann series by Charles Fréger

I live across from the (long-gone) Seattle location of this particular bit of racist past.