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That's it everyone, my timeline is now tuned (chef kiss) perfectly

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So uh hello everyone, meet my (literal) big brother @pdcull .

He's been working with at-risk teenagers in the favelas of Brazil for the last 20 years; is a certified CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) trainer and Emergency Manager; is studying for a Masters in Emergency Management with a special focus on empowering communities to develop resilience.

He has seen a bit of crap in his time (corrupt cops, drug dealers etc) so he can *probably* cope with you all.


Be nice.

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Today's found text:

"These people are living in a bubble, all wrapped up in websites"

The dampest of memes

<< So based on @sargent 's suggestion, while talking to Mr Almost-Teen tonight I busted out the phrase "damp meme".

He started sputtering and explaining that I was wrong and that I need to never ever say that again.

So I followed up by saying "Yeet." >>

Airwolf theme > Knight Rider theme. Fight me.

with air-to-air missiles, under an overpass, naturally

I mean what's the point of even living in Los Angeles if you aren't a secret tech smuggler with your own robot airforce

and this sort of thing is exactly why I want an open data-sharing platform that's on transparent trustable CPU hardware like RISC-V not Intel, mesh Wifi, and can use its own physical media like USB hard drives (which are insanely terrible at security but all we have right now)

But I don't know how to build one and I don't even trust, eg, Scuttlebutt protocol, because we need the ability to delete, I sure don't want really crappy data stored on my hard drive unless I want it there.

<< With indecent speed, and after the barest nod to debate, the Australian Parliament has now passed the Assistance and Access Act, unopposed and unamended. The bill is a cousin to the United Kingdom’s Investigatory Powers Act, passed in 2016. .. Both countries now claim the right to secretly compel tech companies and individual technologists.. to re-engineer software and hardware under their control, so that it can be used to spy on their users. >>

we'd sit and dream of other days
before she took our breath away
with hope and faith and other lies
winter called and summer cried

you came to me one starry night
through the wire, full of light
with a thing called love I'd searched in vain
and I'll never feel the same again

till the stars fall from the sky
i'll want you till I die
baby's called a thousand names
now I've got a heart in flames

Strange Advance, Till The Stars Fall (1988)

My mental image of the Universe is often one of those old 'drinking bird' toys except giant-sized and with a large spiky boot attached, aimed at my face.

This probably not a very helpful mental image and I should probably change it.

Also R(A) is a lot more specific than T(A) or O(A), both of which tell you almost nothing about the internal relationships between the data, just that it fits a certain 'shape' or was created by a controller which does... something, both of which are not nearly enough information to satisfy your actual spec.

Also you may actually care less about R(A) and much more about R(A,C) where C is an external context like say a database or disk drive or the whole Internet, if A contains pointers or URLs

In practice the definition of R is gonna change from place to place and time to time, and also you're gonna have to deal with lots of data in the form of R(A) which isn't true but you still gotta store it because someone said it and it's more important to store accurately than to compute "correctly", and also R may or may not be possible to prove (but if it's not known to be possible you better not try to prove it unless you're willing to stop and admit uncertainty at some point).

A germ of an idea:

"A is a data structure of type T" ==
"A is an object of class O" ==
"A is an ordered tuple/array/list over which the relation R holds" ==
"R(A), where this is a logical statement that has been proven true given the current definition of R"

It's the same reason why OOP gets nasty: you're trying to model relationships between data types and instead you keep polluting that information with methods, which assume you are trying to do one very specific and well-understood task with that data, which is fine until you aren't and then you're stuffed.

When you need a logical predicate and all you have is a filesystem and a for-next loop.

<< Capturing and communicating essence is hard; most of the code I have ever read fails to do this at even a basic level. >>

this... I think hits near the core of what annoys me about most software today.

It's not just 'how much typing you have to do' it's 'there is important domain knowledge about the problem I am modelling that I fundamentally can't express in its most concise and accurate form using the software tools available'

Thinking about some of the arguments in

It suddenly strikes me that 'composition is to objects as application is to functions'

ie, that 'code inheritance' is.... something maybe like gotos? It's not the equivalent of 'calling' a function. It tangles up all sorts of levels. Which is maybe why it's a bit dodgy?

A good question is why it seemed for so long like inheritance was both desirable and necessary. What does it enable that composition doesn't, and why?

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The web ad ecosystem makes Bitcoin look legit in comparison.

Holy mother of an Ono-Sendai Cyberspace 7, this is a lot of companies working very hard to make your web experience terrible.

"Is that a lot of ad partners? It looks like a lot of ad partners"

266 of them, yes. 4.75 KB of text just to store all their names.


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I listened to the Mirrorshades anthology yesterday & today -- the first time I've been exposed to most of it since I read it about 15 years ago. I keep being shocked by how much more cyberpunk resonates with *today* than it did with 2003. It's probably because we're living in a rerun of the Regan years.

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