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That's it everyone, my timeline is now tuned (chef kiss) perfectly

@Gargron @enkiv2 @kitkat @eq

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Thanks Computer, I needed that

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So uh hello everyone, meet my (literal) big brother @pdcull .

He's been working with at-risk teenagers in the favelas of Brazil for the last 20 years; is a certified CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) trainer and Emergency Manager; is studying for a Masters in Emergency Management with a special focus on empowering communities to develop resilience.

He has seen a bit of crap in his time (corrupt cops, drug dealers etc) so he can *probably* cope with you all.


Be nice.

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you: what do you mean 'masto is very good' this also applies to anything in the fediverse not just masto. it also applies to anything on the internet at all!! it als--

me: *walking out of my door and to your house at 3:49 AM* WAKE UP *banging on the door* WAKE UP WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT THE HISTORY OF TOUCH-TONE TELEPHONES

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you: of course, in the real world, nobody has ever actually used a base-1 numeral system

me: what about, all telephones, until the 1960s,

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@natecull A drone with a flamethrower, y'know, that perfectly normal piece of kit everyone's got sitting around at the back of their shed. 😕

<< Someone decided to use a drone with a flamethrower to clear debris from power lines and now my life is complete >>



It looks like a sequel to 'Things From The Flood'

Modal Dialogs:

seriously, just say 'no'


ok close the dialog, close the underlying window, reopen the dialog and THEN say no

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"Correlation is not causation!" shouts the Chief of Police.

But that's EXACTLY the argument we'd expect from someone whose organization is found at the scene of every major crime in this city.


James Bond was brought to the screen by Albert R 'Cabbage' Broccoli, heir and magnate of the shadowy, powerful Broccoli family, who hold world patent rights to the tasty, flavoursome green boiled vegetable beloved of children and adults everywhere.

This is why the evil scheme of every movie Bond villain always revolves around seizing the world broccoli supply, and why James Bond always begins the final combat by popping a chunk of broccoli into his mouth while his muscles bulge.

Here's a video of a Western Hognose snake drinking from a kind human's water bottle

Snapes! Why did it have to be Snapes

A 15 minute documentary (from 1976) about the FRESS system, which developed from HES

What. A Hypertext Editing System in 1967 no you're not allowed to have Hypertext in 1967 give me back that TARDIS key



aw man lookit these cute lil Space Tugs! So that's where Kubrick got his Pods from!

safety what safety

<<a maximum allowable radiation dose for an astronaut from sources other than cosmic rays of between 10 and 25 Roentgen Equivalent Man (REM) per year. Astronauts riding an RNS would, however, receive 10 REM each time its NERVA I engine operated. >>

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If you ever think your idea is ridiculously impractical, just remember the nuclear pulse rocket is a real idea discussed be real rocket scientists.

And the nuclear pulse rocket is the idea of deatonating dozens of nuclear bombs near a bomb proof wallto generat thrust