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I'm not new to the fediverse, but here's an #introduction focusing on just one project:

Ora.Network aims to create a global digital #skillsharing network based on the principles of time banking, #libre software, and the #commons. A #mutualcredit currency where 1 ora is added to your balance for every hour you contribute to a qualified libre/commons project. You can then transfer your ora to someone else in exchange for their help working on your own (non-qualified) project.

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SWITZERLAND: Zurich city parliament decides to examine a Basic Income pilot project for two city districts
#ubi #basicincome #switzerland #zurich #zürich
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Wow, the Textmode Blog is one of the prettiest things I've ever seen in my entire life.

I want to print and frame all of these, but then I realize that would be disingenuous to the form, and so I just want to set up a billion CRTs set to loop through these.

I wish that more of them were real interfaces. Our software should look like this again.

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Hello! This is my first mastodon instance, so help finding accounts to follow and instances to join would be appreciated!

I'm an undergrad at Purdue studying chemistry and planetary science.

Research interests:
Mars Geology and Mineralogy
Remote Sensing/Spectroscopy
Analytical Instrumentation

Also interested in singing, video games, indie music, and linux/open source software


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When a FOSS organisation behaves the way that Mozilla did, adding insult to injury with their statement in denial, it's the job of the FOSS community to tell them they're fucking up.

Not optional, it's a duty.

#mozilla #firefox

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"Let’s say we want to build the TCP/IP stack of an operating system. A traditional implementation might take 10,000 lines of code. What if you rethought the design from the ground up? What if you could make the IP packet handling code look almost identical to the RFC 791 diagram which defines IP? That’s exactly what the Viewpoints team did. This is real code in their system:"

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It is hard to explain how different home computing was compared to business computing to anyone younger than the 80386 or so.

The Sinclairs and the Tandys and the Commodores and Ataris and Colecovisions and Texas Instruments were about enjoying yourself, maybe learning something, maybe playing a game. They mostly looked silly when they tried to do business-esque things because they weren't optimize for that.

They were designed to be part of your home.

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what i'm thinking about a lot is how text-driven Unix (and ) is, and what other composable forms there might be. This is sort of the route Smalltalk and Dynabook explored, but didn't come back with results that could challenge text in all spaces (it's a 5K year old tool).

But how could we make a fundamental OS that has that close relationship to an interface like

The Last Jedi spoiler Show more

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Mastodon: Want to have an incredibly niche conversation at 1 in the morning? No Problem! XD

SPACE 2099


Sign: "Danger, Oceanus Procellarum Lunar Sacrifice Zone - Abandoned Internet Hot Takes Repository - Do Not Enter For 20,000 Years"

A RUMBLE. The lunar surface GLOWS RED.



Martin Landau: Yup, in hindsight that was an accident just waiting to happen

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If there’s anything I’ve learned from research for my games it’s that the clumsy naïveté of early internet replicates itself from scratch with each advancement. BBS, Usenet, Geocities, Livejournal, Facebook, Twitter, Mastodon.

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So, the FPO is now officially part of the leading coalition in Austria.

It's 2017, and an openly fascist party is sitting in a legitimate parliament in Europe. Let that sink in.

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@suetanvil @natecull @Gargron Hashes, by definition, runs the risk of collisions. See recent SHA-1 compromise (; this is why Fossil moved to SHA-3. But how long will that last?

Granted there's a lot of mileage you can get out of SHA-1 even with huge git repos. But, with a global namespace for all of human ingenuity, much less IoT? 160 bits just isn't going to be enough.

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@natecull Star Wars IX: Collossus: The Forbin Project: Excerpt from the Journal of the Whills by Luke Starkiller

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Dotsies is a font that compresses the Latin alphabet down to dots that can be read quickly (and learned quickly too, apparently). There are a few lessons on the homepage to get started

There's a touch of here in that I wonder if this is the beginning of transforming text to human readable barcodes