I deleted 500 updates from our Windows Update server and now it works much better

I am starting to think that the solution to anything going wrong with Computer is:

delete more things

@natecull when i first started out using linux and i didn't know what stuff did or what any of the directories or packages were for, i had something like ubuntu installed on a virtual machine and i just bumbled around the filesystem deleting things. i'd see something i didn't know what it was, type "man <thing>" and then if i didn't like it, i'd remove it. eventually the system didn't boot. if i'd been smart i would have backed up the filesystem. i guess i was making my own distro

@natecull It is, Unix people have been saying from quite the start that deleting a huge number of lines of code makes the thing works better.

@lanodan @natecull much better to start from a minimal working system and build your way up. i've been in love with Arch since around 2012 for that same reason.

@natecull extrapolating that and the solution to all the computer problems is to delete it all.

I think you're on to something.

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