Currently reading: Muir's Historical Atlas, Medieval and Modern, Eleventh Printing 1968 (first printing 1911)


1. There is too much History. Stop doing History.

2. History is usually Done using pointy objects.

3. Sooner or later someone will Do History back to You, and it will Hurt

Two thousand and eighteen counts of Grievous Bodily History, Grand Theft Mediterranean, and Possession of the Central Asian Spice Trade with Intent to Distribute

It is a beautiful, bloody, little geographic data visualisation tone poem of a book.

Guys, guys. GUYS. In the 1100s there was not only an entire COUNTY OF CHAMPAGNE but also A KINGDOM OF RUM let's get the time machine started

uh I mean also there's a few Crusades, but

whoops the Kingdom of Rum is now the Sultanate of Rum, was just gonna ask how the Second Crusade went, guess that answers that

oh THAT'S how we got a Croatia, oh ew, also, yeah, um, let's skip the mid-1990s

and by 1250, no more Croatia, because Hungary got hungry

the Empire of the Mongol Il-Khans, who were *sick*

@natecull "Some have history thrust into their sternum and out their back by a nervous half-naked man with no previous professional lancing experience."

@enkiv2 @natecull

That reminds me of a definition by Elsa Morante (Italian writer), from her novel "La Storia" (History): "un orrendo formicaio di sfaceli", that is, more or less, "a horrendous swarm of ruins". That is history according to that novel.

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