Just connected a DOS 6.20 client to a Windows 7 workstation using SMB1 protocol, which itself needs to talk to Windows 10 workstations using no SMB1, ask me anything

but not really

@queerhackerwitch because legacy machine-shop hardware built in 1996 and shipped in 2005 is amazing

@wrenpile Because it's a CAD/CAM milling machine bought circa 2005 for $large_sum whose builtin controller is a 486 with 1996 BIOS and Ethernet port and a DOS-based Microsoft LAN Manager TCPIP stack that shipped with it

and it needs access to the network to get the CAM files that actually produce tooled artifacts.

It has a floppy drive and an Ethernet jack but no USB port.

@wrenpile also it's been running like this since 2005, and the transfer machine was already upgraded once from XP to 7, and mostly usually just works, but the latest Windows 10 update turned off SMB1.

@natecull Right, DOS 6.2* had merit —wasn’t 6.22 the apex?

Funny that I don’t seem to hear about MS-DOS in all the retrocomputing talk around here.

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