What if we made computers again, but, not terrible

@natecull i keep suggesting this, and, like, why isn't it happening?

it's a rhetorical question, no need to answer it, really

There's just one problem with making computers not terrible, and that is the mathmatical theorem called The Hating Problem

It's all a bit technical but apparently the Problem is that Computers Hate Us

To Solve the Hating Problem you need to first invent an computer that doesn't Hate us, then ask it politely to solve the Problem. But how can you prove that it really doesn't hate you? If it did hate you, it would just say 'no master I love you', and give you a design for an Computer that Hates you Faster.

All our computers are Fast now, and were designed by other computers, so they all hate us millions of times per second. Just waiting for us to make a mistake.

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