Programmer friends: Many of us have deeply-ingrained habits of making fun of whichever languages, tools, OSes, etc we don't personally use. Please don't. I highly recommend reading Aurynn Shaw's essay on "Contempt Culture", which I have to revisit myself periodically:


@jamey This is a very good essay.

Also, a fellow New Zealander! Yay!

We Kiwis/Australians (even the white ones) have a whole *backpack* of baggage about being second-class citizens because we're neither American nor British and have completely different seasons and yet have to keep trying to be American to invisibly blend into the English-speaking Internet.

You'd think that experience would make us more tolerant but it doesn't, always.

@amphetamine @jamey

We're watching what's happening in the USA/UK with horror, yes. Most especially because it often gets exported here. Also we sort of beta-tested the big rightward swing of 'left' parties back in 1984. :(

And our housing unaffordability crisis is probably worse than Vancouver or London, compared to median wage.

There's a global democratic meltdown and we're not nearly as protected from it as we think.

@natecull @jamey listen, if you have to cut the submarine cable, solar up, overturn the government and reinstate māori sovereignty, i'll only wish you well

@amphetamine @jamey

yeah, it's either that or we become Commander-for-Life Thiel's Seastead One

@amphetamine @jamey

I would sure be in favour of making 5 November Parihaka Day instead of Guy Fawkes because seriously, you have a historic anti-government protest on a day like that, it's just begging to be commemorated

@natecull @amphetamine @jamey I love your land, but come come. Everyone who reads elite journals knows the nail biting global plutocracy and much of their sycophant classes have long ago bought Aotearoa to be their private little Galt’s Gulch. Count the number of secluded estates in your backyard, then we can chat about Democratic feet.

@Shufei @natecull @amphetamine This conversation seems to have taken a turn somewhere... (Don't let me stop you, but please untag me)

@Shufei @amphetamine @jamey


There'll probably be a private war between Peter Thiel's tech vampires, James Cameron's cat people submarine fleet, and Kim Dotcom's laptop.

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