I was DISTINCTLY TOLD, in the 1990s, that if we put computers into all the things it would make us all super-smart and super-sexy and super-kind and we would all live in houses made of translucent plastic and acid dance and rainforests and we would specifically NOT become a society of giant raging dumbass jerks selling fake nutritional supplements to Nazis.

There were RECEIPTS. Money changed HANDS.

I wish to complain to the MANAGEMENT.

was my generation's great mistake that we put too much acid in the acid house




@natecull Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism may yet come, the roadmap is just very fuzzy and a bit uneven at the moment.

@natecull ah 1997... I remember it like... actually... not sure I remember it at all.

Phuture weeps inconsolably tweaking filter resonance/cutoff up and down. "It's always the wrong amount of acid!"

@natecull This is the Realest Feel I've encountered in a long time.

@natecull I don't know. I'm pretty sure that in the 90s we were warned that putting even the simplest computers in everyday objects was going to lead to catastrophe at the turn of the century

@Tablesaw and it did, didn't it? Our planetary virtual reality matrix processor crashed and we still haven't got it repaired

@natecull I was told that we'd fuck up the planet so bad that killer robots to reduce the population would be the only solution.

@natecull TO BE FAIR we kinda' got both.

There really ARE a lot of communities on the Internet built of kindness and understanding and getting to know other peoiple's experience and empowering the unheard and marginalized that couldn't exist without it, they just have a lot less visibility because they don't have GIANT RAGING SALIENCE DANGER SIGNAL!!!! written all over them.

We just also have Cancer of the Noosphere that needs a bit of treatment alongside it.

@hhardy01 @natecull
Well, I applaud your efforts, but bankers are gonna bank. Unfortunately, that seems to be all they are interested in.

@natecull something like this happened to me too around the millenium. There was a lot of hype about how everything was going to change, and now look at us!

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