Aww man a super weird unfolding drama in the physics community, as yet unresolved and involving :

* very surprising claims of room temperature superconductivity!
* datasets that look super faked!!
* some hacker spoofing emails from respected scientists telling investigators to lay off investigating the research group with the super dodgy looking data!!!

You want cyberpunk? Here's cyberpunk!

@deadsuperhero @natecull It's so tangible, because physics!

(Seriously, this has been quite the story and some good eyes on discrepancies. )

@natecull This is astonishing. I'll have to talk to my sister (who's a physicist, albeit in a different branch) and see what she has to say.

@natecull I think that protonmail was just used as a free email provider here, not because of its encryption.

@ckeen @natecull thank! (maybe NoScript broke something and that's why it didn't load that for me?)

@natecull the weird thing to me is these are like, respectable researchers and they‘re not backing down whatsoever, so it‘s not a case of random crackpots stuff probably? And the claim is fairly sensational, so it‘s also not a case of sneaking a few faked publications under the radar.

Like, assuming it‘s fake, what is even the goal here?

@natecull (also I really, really Want To Believe because ho ly shit)

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