A good litmus test for 'are you Gen-X or Millennial' is were you ever allowed to touch actual litmus paper, outside of a university chemistry department

@Vopo we were allowed to mix dangerous chemicals at home and let off fireworks in the back yard and build electric shock machines

it's a wonder any of us survived to adulthood

@natecull @Vopo gunpowder only has 3 ingredients and our 10-11y.o. selves made lots of it (often badly). Also flared up plenty of petrol and disassembled bullets.
All part of growing up! :-)

I'm a Millennial and while I wasn't allowed to do any of those things that didn't mean I didn't do them it just meant our parents didn't know about it

@natecull is there a reason not to? /are common ph test strips not actually litmus paper?

@cascode I'm actually not sure!

It's just my first experience of it was with a Chemistry Set, the kind which are super extra forbidden banned today.

Wait, there are folks who haven't done this? Like, we had a roll of it. Two, actually. One for my home chem set and one for the fish tanks. Oh and a dip strip set for the pool.

@natecull lol, we had it in the house, but sweet little girls weren't allowed to dirty their hands with such! :rolls eyes:

@natecull I think I was 11 or 12 years old when I first played red-or-blue...

I also used actual mercury thermometers and there was lead in almost everything.
Our parents hauls us around unbelted in the back of giant station waggons or pickup truck beds and when we went outside we played games like lawn darts.

By all rights we should be extinct.

@natecull I did that in school. Why wouldn't you be allowed to do that?

@natecull I'm Gen Z (apparently), and we have litmus paper in our high schools.

@natecull We definitely used litmus paper in elementary school. The only indicator I recall using in high school was a liquid, but that was half my lifetime ago, so we might have used litmus paper itself sometime during the two years of chemistry I took.

@natecull Gen Z here, used something called “litmus paper” to test pH values of various things, but your post has me questioning if it was something other than litmus paper?

@brandon oh yay, actual physical paper litmus is still a thing?

Is it still separate red and blue paper, or have they moved on now I think to those multicolour test strips that test the whole pH in one hit?

@natecull Yeah! It’s the multicolour strips — one to rule them all!

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