The Greek word for 'hundred' is 'hekaton' because some Greek guy in a market looked at a pile of stuff and went 'heck, that's a ton of stuff'

And the Roman next to him said 'I don't care, you ordered 'em, we sent 'em.'

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@natecull This is worse than the joke in a highschool textbook I one had about the "high pot in use"

@natecull Among the Germanic tribes it's just Hun dirt.

And enough of that, spread. is a day's work.

@natecull @pandybird

The number “ten” took a very similar route. In Proto-Indo-European, “ten” was “dekmt”.

In Latin it evolved into “decem”, so Latinate languages use “dec-” or “dic-” words for “ten”.

However, in Germanic languages it evolved into “tehun”, so in Germanic languages you get a word that sounds like “tehun”, such as “ten”, “zehn”, “tien” etc

Different words, related by a common ancestor.

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