Text files are the cockroaches of the modern information ecosystem.

They might not look pretty and they scare kids, but they are SUPER well adapted and functional and they'll survive almost anything short of total hard disk failure.

@natecull The fact that we're still using Unix-like operating systems almost fifty years after the creation of the original Unix at Bell Labs is a testament to the universality of plain text.

@natecull That's a remarkably insecure answer to an innocent troll question. We don't even have to talk about non-7bit characters, multibyte or right-to-left languages. There's not even a commonly accepted standard for line breaks. Are text files well adapted to anything, or to nothing at all?

@unixtippse @natecull Actually, there IS a commonly accepted standard for line breaks. In fact, there are multiple.

@natecull yes, exactly
no amount of format churn or deprecation will make text files unreadable
pretty much the only files from the 90's I can still do anything with are text files

@natecull and pure text files are pretty much the only thing that could potentially survive the inevitable collapse of this civilization; everything else that needs specific pieces of software to read it, will go quietly into the night.

The older I get, the more file extensions are reduced to a helpful suggestion to vim.

@natecull *turns on kitchen light to see dozens of text files on the counter* AHHHHHHHHH

@natecull hell, you can print them to analog media and extract them again

You could *handwrite* them

@natecull i do all my personal notes and checklists on my desktop with txt files. simplicity is beauty.

I love this post so much I smile every time I see it in my feed :)

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