It is amazing how much actual anxiety the Read More behaviour generates in me.

It's because I can see text that I can't reveal. It gives me this horrible feeling of incompleteness, that there are things being kept from me.

This is almost *exactly* the same feeling that Twitter's now-discontinued algorithmic timeline-reordering and 'In Case You Missed It' mode did.

Probably also means that I'm far too addicted to this network, so...

If Read More stays, I'm going. It's probably best.

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Yeah, and 'anxiety' just upgraded to something like 'actual nausea or motion sickness'.

So.... good bye, everyone. I can't do this or I may literally throw up.

If I toot any more, it will have to be through an interface other than the default Web one.

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Web interface? Any way to move to a client that doesn't do that?

@natecull I just had an exchange with @Gargron in which he explained that the intent of the "read more" insertion was to only touch posts that did wild things like have a line break after each non-whitespace character.

He's doubled the cutoff, and since then I am not seeing "read more" in my TL.

@natecull Damnit! You're at least half the reason I'm here.

@Gargron #mastodev : Please fix STAT. Thanks

@Gargron Hrm ... OK. I'm not clear on what @TheAdmin is running here (Cloud).

But again, thanks for the quick response.


@dredmorbius @natecull @Gargron
He more or less already fixed it by doubling the cutoff. I don't see any "read more"s on now.

@natecull You mean, the read more from long posts that you have to click on to see? You can turn that off in your settings.

@natecull Also, that only shows up on instances using glitch.socials patches

@Canageek @natecull No, upstream mastodon has a version of it that has no toggle now, that apparently just got deployed to

@bhtooefr @natecull HUH. Weird. Well, you can always move to a instances I guess?

@natecull I always prefer to have an option to disable a feature.

But how do you feel about scrolling through extremely long posts? For me it's annoying to scroll through 2000+ character posts, especially if I'm not interested in reading them.

@dredmorbius @natecull Bookmarking this so I know which constant to change to some really large value as soon as it hits a release.

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